How to turn your day around

{Shirt & skirt, Gap. Cardigan: Plenty, Boots: Joneve, Necklace: Icing.}

I'll keep this short because i'm finding it difficult to formulate words and such.

Basically today started out horrible. 

It got better when I talked to my parents and was reminded of how amazing they are.
It got even better when I made soup for lunch. (Part of why I love cooking so much is it calms me so.)
Then it got a lot better when I put together this outfit, curled may hair, and felt cute.

It got bad again though when I had to write my psych midterm.

And then it got better again when I stopped at starbucks on the way home and got a cranberry bliss bar, which actually lives up to it's name this year.

And things are only going to get even better because I have institute (religion class) tonight and then get to come home to a new episode of Glee. 

But the point relevant to this blog is that dressing cute vastly improved my day.

Let's just hope I pass that midterm!


  1. Well, you sure do look cute although your days had so many ups and downs, maybe tomorrow will be calmer.

  2. you are so right girl! getting dressed in a super cute outfit can really change your mood... thats the power of style!


  3. I loove the outfit! Especially the skirt and, as I fell in love with cardigans, the cardi!

  4. I think this is one of my favorite outfits of the ones you've posted! It is super,super cute! I love the fun this full skirt inspires!I see myself twirling if I were wearing a skirt like that!

  5. Hi Erin! I emailed you about the Secret Santa thing. Can you get back to me asap? Thanks. :)

  6. Gracious, girl!! That skirt is amazing! I love full skirts like that and you pull it off so well. :)


  7. haha your blog description made me laugh. i agree, no yoga clothes in public please!

  8. Wearing something pretty always lifts my spirits, but I think a delish treat from Starbucks might just be a double-whammy of glee!


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