I want to go to there...

Lately i've been trying to void myself of the temptation of online browsing.
But sometimes I can't help it, and following a link here, and then there, I somehow end up at asos.
And then a piece of me dies inside when I see this.


You see, I kind of LOVE sequins. If I could I would wear them everyday during the holiday like some kind of glitter mermaid, as I feel that they perfectly represent the holiday spirit. But sadly I don't own very many things of the sequined variety.

But I would like to change that, perhaps by finding a way for this dress to get to my closet...

Too bad that will never happen as I'm in a deep deep pit of debt with no end in sight. And my part time job that I get minimum wage for doesn't even give me enough money to live off of.
And i'm thinking of quitting it because I failed a midterm and the stress of working and doing school is too much. So this really cannot be. 

So instead i'll just imagine what it would be like to have this dress. In the meantime I think i'll imagine that I also had a place to even wear a dress like this. Because in reality, I really don't have anywhere to wear a dress like this. I don't have any fancy parties to attend. All I do on a free weekend is watch 30 Rock on DVD. Although I would totally wear this dress while doing so....

I'm sure i'll get over it...eventually.

It's not like I still get sad thinking about how much I wish I had the bicycle dress.
Except oh wait...I totally still get depressed over how much I wish I had that dress...



  1. The title of this post made me laugh aloud - I love 30 rock!

    I love that dress too, maybe it will go on sale... *Sigh*

  2. Who needs an occasion to wear sequins or sparkles or fun stuff?!
    I have a few "fancy" frocks that I've incorporated into everyday wear, and trust me, I don't have anywhere important to go to on any given day! haha
    Go ahead and wear some of your good stuff. :)

  3. I love asos curve stuff, it fits so well and it always nice and long which is just how I like it.

    GET THE DRESS! even if you only do the cleaning in it, you will look and feel fab :)

  4. Bethamint- I'm glad you got the title! So good to come accross another 30 Rock fan!

    Hannah- That is a good point, and one I try to live by. I wear dresses and skirts to school or grocery shopping with no shame, although this one is a bit fancier, I would definitely try to incorporate it if I had it! It's just too fabulous not to.

    Gem-Good to know about asos. I actually haven't purchased anything from there yet. Student life sucks! I wish I had money. Then I could buy this dress and all the other fabulous dresses I see there. :(

  5. I love your recent movie/tv show quotes :)


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