Remember what happened the last time I wore this dress? 
How I got a compliment from a random old due in my elevator, then complained that I don't get any attention from the men folk my age

Well, as it is today at church a guy (who I had never talked to before) complimented not only this outfit, but my style. He said something akin to "You look really good today, very well put together. But you always look really nice." That's not verbatim or anything but that's most of what he said. I think I was speechless for a moment before I graciously accepted the compliment, and told him how appreciated it was! I had already gotten compliments from all my girl friends, and one guy friend, but for some stranger to comment on my style like that...what a great compliment!! 

Another girl friend of mine even said "I saw you walk into the room today and thought to myself "Daaang!! If I were a guy...." Hahaha. So apparently there is just something happening with this dress. 

I really think I need to wear this dress more often. I've totally underestimated it's power all these years...

I also got a lot of compliments on my hair today. Everybody thought I changed it somehow, which brings me to a funny story from today...

I set out to dye my hair today because as you can see it is not very red. I woke up and thought I was running late so I went straight to the bathroom to apply my hair dye, still half asleep. I mixed up the dye and slapped it on, wondering why it wasn't going red as I was putting it on. But it was a new brand so I figured it would change eventually. Once I realized daylight savings time granted me an extra hour of getting ready, I didn't worry too much about being late and let the dye sit for an hour, since it just. wasn't. turning. red! 
After an hour I gave up, and deemed this brand an inferior dye. It didn't even turn any colour, it just stayed white! I don't always get the red I want but usually I get something! Well, upon returning to the bathroom and going over the instructions again I realized I had not mixed the chemical bottle (A) with the colour bottle (B) as the instructions mentioned. Instead I mixed A with C- the conditioner. 
I guess that explains why my hair is no more red but a lot softer...


  1. sexy ;O)

    tres jolie tenue qui te va admirablement ;O)

  2. The dress does look great! And you made me laugh because of the colour story :D

  3. It's so nice to be complimented and it is very gracious of people to say you look lovely when you do! Instant spirit-lifter!

    I definitely think something is going on with this dress that makes men want to compliment you! Wear it more and tell us more stories!

  4. can i just say that i DIE for you and your awesome blog!!! you have great style and you are fun to read too! ps.. i totally buy most of my tees from the target maternity section because then i never have to worry about them being long enough i have done it for years! (can you tell i just sat here and read your entire blog!) i found you from Elaines blog... totally following now!


  5. Oh my gosh, you hair dye story is hilarious! I've always been worried of missing a step or doing something wrong, at least it didn't wreck your hair in any way, just left you with a funny story. :)

  6. you are adorable :) &look great in purple!

  7. Another reason for you to wear this dress more often, coupled with the fact it looks great on you! The color is perfect for the fall season.

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone! <3

  9. i love getting compliments like that! it can totally turn your day around. :) and you totally deserved it. you are ROCKING that dress!


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