So Tuesdays are a little nuts for me. I get up at 4:30am, go to work, go to school, go to institute, then get home around 10.
And I did'nt even nap today! I can't belive I am still standing, let alone waiting (im)patiently for Glee to finish loading since I can't figure out how to work my DVR. (One of the many reasons I need a boyfriend!)

SO. Sadly todays outfit photos are of the horrible cell phone picture variety. I have a lowly palm pre, no fancy iPhone with it's cool kid hipstimatic app to make me appear cool. 

{Dress: thrifted mens shirt DIY'd, Cardigan: H&M, Owl necklace: Icing Belt:?}

Instead you get a grainy photo taken in a Starbucks bathroom, since I stopped there for a tea since IT. WAS. SO. COLD. And even though i'm from a pretty freakin cold place, and I should know to dress better, that black blazer and scarf were all I had. No gloves. No toque. And I was wearing a dress with leggings. Not very warm at all. I fear I may have to start wearing jeans more! Or....long johns under my leggings. Yes, I think that is much preferable to jeans. 

Click here to see more of my awesome dress and how my amazing mom made it for me.

Once term projects and finals and work stop owning my life I will have better pictures and more posts! AND I will try to reply to comments more. It warms my heart so dearly when you guys say hi, so know that I do read them and they make my day. :) Thanks for stickin' with me!


  1. Wow that sounds like a looooooong day! Props to you for looking snazzy. When I have long days like that I have to force myself to make an effort!

  2. i just got the shivers reading that post... brrrrrrr!


  3. I love that dress! I will definitely have to try making something similar for myself!


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