This is halloween!

How was everyone's halloween? Mine was pretty great! Had a church dance Friday night, then went out with friends, got no sleep as I got home at 4am and had to work at 6:30 am. (Blah I hate working!) then went to a pumpkin carving party saturday night, where we carved the pumpkins we picked last weekend!

So other than extreme sleep deprivation my halloween weekend was pretty swell. I LOVE to dress up, and I always do my best to go all out. This year I wasn't really sure what to be. So I reflected back...

Last year I was Margot Tenenbaum:

Because I had the hair (Which happens to be the only redemption I feel to chopping off and bleaching my formerly long, beautiful red hair.) And of course because The Royal Tenenbaums is my ultimate favorite movie ever. 
As I couldn't find a polo dress that was a decent price - I kind of didn't want to spend $100 on a costume! The dress and shirt were thrifted.

The year before that I was Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Another all-time favorite and oh-so appropriate choice for Halloween.

Again, a major factor in deciding to be Sally was having the perfect hair! (Oh how I miss my long hair! I will never ever cut it again!) 
That, and she's the best. You know who else is the best? My mom, for making me my Sally dress! 

So who was I this year? I was at a loss of who to be, until a friend suggested I be....

JESSIE! The yodeling cowgirl from Toy Story!
So took the suggestion, as her outfit is super cute and yep, i've got the hair for it! 

And this year I made my costume myself! I am so proud. I even had to make the cowprint chaps! No fabric stores in vancouver carried cow print, so I bought black and white fabric and glued black blobs onto the white! I just safety pinned onto my jeans, as these are my favorite jeans. 
I also safety pinned the yellow top as I did'nt want to throw a perfectly good work shirt out the window.
The hat is value village and the rest was all by me! I'm pretty stoked about it. 


  1. Oh my gosh, way to make it work! Your costume turned out awesome!

    I think it's funny that you choose your costume based on your hair. I've never thought of doing that. lol

  2. Thanks!
    I guess it's just an added perk when I find a costume that I don't have to buy a wig for.... it's just easier this way! ;)

  3. I love your costumes, especiall Jessie!! So cute, Home-made costumes are the best


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