Weekend Update

{Dress & hair bow: H&M. Boots: Joneve, Cardigan: Zellers}

What a great weekend i'm having! My mom got here Thursday night for a very quick visit (sadly, she is leaving tonight.) and we have had the greatest time together! She is such a great mom, she takes such good care of me! We are just about to go to dinner, then I drop her off at the airport (sad) BUT then I'm going to HARRY POTTER!!! Since my mom got here Thursday night I was unable to attend the midnight showing, since my mom made me choose between her and Harry Potter. It was a close one, but in the end I decided that I do love my mom more. 

I wore this to IKEA and the supermarket last night. I was so stylin'! 

We also got snow last night! It's funny, I grew up in Alberta (aka land of snow) and I always start to miss it when I see my Alberta friends facebook status updates talking about the snow. I've been commenting for weeks now how bad I want snow, and then I got to wake up to this in the morning!

So beautiful!

And because i've been neglecting my food blog and I miss it, here is our pretty lunch I made us today.

Brie baked garlic naan bread, butter leaf lettuce salad with apples, dried cranberries, and pecans, in a lemon vinigarettte, and a watermelon feta salad. Mmmmm!


  1. I love the small, autumnal print on your dress. It's so pretty, especially set off against the black tights, boots and cardi. And, I'm a sucker for a belted dress combined with a sweater. It's a go-to look for me year-round and it's such a stylish look. As a plus-sized girl, I find my belts to be my best fashion friends!
    And, I can't believe we don't have snow here! I live in northern Michigan, and usually we're covered by Halloween, but I've only seen a few flurries. Nothing like that gorgeous scene in your picture! Glad to have found you and your blog!

  2. I too love that dress! The belt looks great! No snow in my neck of the woods just yet - and I'm ok with that! Although you're beautiful snowy pic might be enough to change my mind :)

  3. You are gorgeous! And I absolutely love that dress! I will have to try using brie for my garlic bread too.

  4. Hi! i just found your blog! love your style. you are too cute!!
    what size clothes do you wear (if you dont mind me asking) i want to know if i can find what you are wearing in my size!

  5. This dress looks adorable on you! Love the look with the dark stockings and boots.

  6. Wow, I love those boots! And that picture is gorgeous.
    <3 Kali

  7. We got snow here in Seattle too and it's so awesome! I'm giddy like a little kid over it.

    Also, are you wearing a belt with the dress, or is the waist detail part of the dress? Either way, I like it!

  8. Thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comments everyone!

    To answer Anonymous, I usually wear a size 16, but the sizes in my closet are all over the place. (I've got smalls to XXL'S!) The dress i'm wearing here is a 12, and the leggings are 1X, the cardigan is a large.

    Rebecca- Yay snow! It's so beautiful. Although I don't much care for the cold. The butterfly would be a thrifted belt I added to the outfit. :)


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