What be a pirate's favorite kind of sweater?

(Thanks for the joke, HIMYM)

Sweater: Reitmans (old)
Dress: Joe Fresh (also old!)
Leggings: Zellers
Boots: Joneve

Today I broke out the argyle. It's been a while. 
I do love the argyle though. I guess I'm just living up to my surname's connotation with piracy. Growing up The Princess Bride was a family favorite movie, and I remember my dad telling me once that The Dread Pirate Roberts was his uncle. And I believed him, at first...
But then I found out the truth. Now I just like to pretend I'm a pirate. By showing my appreciation for  argyle. 

And since argyle is sometimes worn by geeks, I will leave you with my quick "nerd alert" photo I snapped at the end of my little photoshoot this morning before running off to school.

I am blind as a bat and usually wear contacts, but I couldn't help reach for my glasses when I decided to take a nerdy photo. ;)

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  1. j aime bcp ton gilet vert comme ca avec les carreaux c est original ;O)


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