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No outfit post today, but I have good reason. I totally wore the exact same outfit as last week. But I figure it's ok because I wore it twice over in two different cities, So no one knows except for you, dear readers, and that is because I believe in full disclosure. So since I have no new outfit to post, how about a hair post? Yes? OK!
My little sister loves doing hair, and loves to do my hair. I love having her do my hair because she is so awesome at it. So that is what we did tonight while watching Modern Family, which I have finally gotten into thanks to watching a few episodes on the plane.


Christmas, continued.

{Dress & belt: thrifted, shoes& earrings: The Bay, Tights: Gap}

While I was unable to find a Christmas sweater for the holiday, I was able to find this AMAZING dress for only $8 at a thrift store!! And it fits perfectly! It's so rare to find a vintage dress that actually fits with no alterations needed. Although when it does happen, it's magical.

Today at church we had our Christmas program, seeing as the congregation is all students and most will be off to their respective homes for Christmas by next Sunday. So since it was a Christmas theme, I had to dress accordingly, of course. When I found this dress I knew it'd be the perfect Christmas dress, though I will wear it year round. 

As usual when I get a new dress, and was looking and feeling good in it, I was on a total dress high all day. Then when I got back to my apartment, some stupid Rogers van was in the car port, and was in my way, so I asked him to move, and he did, but not enough, and he intimidated me, and I should've asked him to move more but I didn't, and how i've scratched my car on the front because I hit a concrete pillar 'cause this dude was in my way. There goes that high. 

Although getting a compliment from a neighbor in the elevator (who I got a compliment from last week too) was nice. She said "You're coming from church right? You always look so good when I see you!" Which is a compliment highly preferable to being checked out by a really creepy old guy. (Which I posted about but I can't link back to because it's gone! How does that even happen? Does blogger ever randomly delete your posts?)


The time I dressed like an elf.

So tonight my church had our Christmas party. The theme was "Christmas Sweater Get-Together". I scoured thrift stores all week and there is not a Christmas sweater to be found in my dear city. I guess that's what happens when you live in one of the hipster capitals of the world. 
Since all I have are nice Christmas sweaters, I decided to go all out with a tacky Christmas explosion, cause that's more fun! I picked my favorite Starbucks Christmas shirt (thanks for the freebie sbux!) And threw on whatever red and green I could find. I was definitely the most enthusiastically dressed there. The few other people who did wear red or green only did it with a t-shirt. As usual, I was dressed a little  differently from the rest of the crowd. What can I say, subtlety goes out the window at Christmas in my world. Had I the funds/time my apartment would look like this:

I even went so far as red, green and gold eye shadow! Yep, i'm a huge dork. It's not the greatest look, but I was super low on time to get ready! 

Incase you can't tell, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I'll be home in exactly a week from today and I am so excited!!!



Sometimes when a dress is just so gorgeous and perfect as it is, you wear it over again the exact same way. And that's okay.
That's just what I did today with my vintage Saks dress. And no one noticed. And i'm sure none of you dear readers would've noticed if I hadn't pointed it out. Why am I pointing it out? I just want to cite how dearly I love this dress. 

{Vintage Saks Fifth Avenue dress, thrifted, Shoes: Payless}

The only difference today was I wore my hair down, and that I omitted the necklace and wore a pair of garnet studs my parents brought back for me while they were in Austria three summers ago. A lovely gift, although taking me with them around Europe would've been a cool gift too. 

I actually got a gift today though! There is a guy in my ward that sketches people during church, and today he drew me and my friend. He just walked up to me after the meeting, handed it to me and walked off. He couldn't have known, but this picture actually means a lot because the friend I was sitting with today (in the picture) will be moving back to California on the 18th. It sucks. It's so nice to have this drawing of us now though. :) 

 {dress & leggings: old navy, belt: addition elle, hat: ?, boots: joneve}

So i'm not totally sure if i'm feeling this dress yet. In theory I love it. I mean, I love a good striped dress. And as opposed to most of my dresses it's long enough to not need leggings (come a time when the temperature will allow the sans-leggings). So the length is one thing I like about it, but on the other hand it's kind of what I don't like. With leggings it just feels like too much fabric? And the sleeves are full length too. Which is why I cuffed them. Still not sold on it...
I mean, I don't hate it. But I don't love it. I know I don't need to love everything I wear everyday, but it sure is nice when I do. Especially since it was only $13 at Old Navy last weekend. Which I should feel worse about since I'm a student who just quit my job....
Maybe i'll have my mom work on it. Shorter sleeves? (3/4 length, maybe cap sleeves?)What do you think? 

I still had fun at my friends party in this though. Which is what I wore it out to. Now I really need to make up for the slacking off tonight by getting to work on a term project due monday! Ahh! Wish me luck!


Work It

So I have been planning this post now for...6 months! When I started my job (having started my blog already) I wanted to do a feature on how to look good at work. I work at a little coffee shop called Starbucks (ever heard of it?), and having worked there through high school and two years after, I learned how to work the strict dress code so I could still feel cute! 
What's silly about posting this now, is I've resigned again and my last day is the 14th! Work and school is just too hard for me to balance, so I'm just going to focus on school next semester. 
Better late then never? 

One of the easiest ways to dress cute at the 'bux is by wearing a dress. They're allowed as long as they're black and have a collar, so I picked up this tunic at Zellers (which I also have in denim!) in the summer and I wear it with leggings. I also have a similar button up knee length dress (3/4 sleeve too!) that I got at a thrift store for only $7! I usually rotate between these two. 

I also love me some headbands. Whenever I worked at starbucks the first time around I had really long hair. I have gotten so. sick. of. pony. tails. throughout the years. What's really ridiculous is that I foolishly cut it in a short bob after quitting starbucks, so then I could've had a cute hairstyle since it was within dress code if I had still worked there, but then by the time I came back my hair had grown to ponytail length again!! Blerg. 
Soooo, I spruce up my hair with the help of headbands. As long as it's black, I can wear it. And even better, my manager is cool about me wearing peacock feather hair clips too. 
Or I wear my hair in the "braided headband", it's a nice way to jazz up a pony tail.

This advice probably wont apply to anyone (or it might) but I still warrant this as a post since I did feel pretty and actually remembered to take a picture of myself when I got home. Maybe i'll have the gumption to take more photos over the next two weeks? I have more strategies to share! 



After yesterdays frenzied post, I am feeling verrry sleep deprived, albeit a little better about my upcoming assignments. I ended up working on my essay until  4am this morning. Oh, and I had only gotten 2 hrs of sleep the night before, (but it didn't even feel like sleep as I kept on waking up.) So by the end of my essay I had no idea if the 4 pages of sweet juices I had just procured out my mind grapes were even true/relevant/made sense in any way. Luckily they did, as I found out I apparently do have some good ideas when I showed it to my prof today. I had no classes, just had to go to school to see my profs about assignments and essays and such, but since I was soo tired and exhausted it was even more important for me to feel comfortable and cute. Enter a dress. And a skirt. Easy, cute and comfortable.

{Dress & necklace: H&M, Skirt: Gap, Boots: The Bay, Socks: Zellers, Leggings: Old Navy}

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