Christmas, continued.

{Dress & belt: thrifted, shoes& earrings: The Bay, Tights: Gap}

While I was unable to find a Christmas sweater for the holiday, I was able to find this AMAZING dress for only $8 at a thrift store!! And it fits perfectly! It's so rare to find a vintage dress that actually fits with no alterations needed. Although when it does happen, it's magical.

Today at church we had our Christmas program, seeing as the congregation is all students and most will be off to their respective homes for Christmas by next Sunday. So since it was a Christmas theme, I had to dress accordingly, of course. When I found this dress I knew it'd be the perfect Christmas dress, though I will wear it year round. 

As usual when I get a new dress, and was looking and feeling good in it, I was on a total dress high all day. Then when I got back to my apartment, some stupid Rogers van was in the car port, and was in my way, so I asked him to move, and he did, but not enough, and he intimidated me, and I should've asked him to move more but I didn't, and how i've scratched my car on the front because I hit a concrete pillar 'cause this dude was in my way. There goes that high. 

Although getting a compliment from a neighbor in the elevator (who I got a compliment from last week too) was nice. She said "You're coming from church right? You always look so good when I see you!" Which is a compliment highly preferable to being checked out by a really creepy old guy. (Which I posted about but I can't link back to because it's gone! How does that even happen? Does blogger ever randomly delete your posts?)


  1. This is a really good thrift buy too! I bought a dress from F21+ which is red and very much like the shape of this red dress except a lower neckline but it certainly didn't cost me 8 dollars! My colleagues called it my Christmas dress too. Red is really really your colour.

  2. That is a great dress, very festive and looks wonderful on you! :)

  3. Love it! So Christmasy!

    I had a zillion problems with Blogger, so I switched. do you subscribe to your blog in Google reader? It automatically backs everything up for you, in a way. the comments aren't saved but the text and images are. Or you can back up your blog in Google, just export it.

  4. that dress IS magical!!! it fits perfectly.. you look amazing!


  5. how cute is this dress? i can't believe you got it for only $8. what a deal! you look amazing and super festive. xo

  6. You are such a beautiful woman!

    And that dress is to die for. It fits you like a glove. And loveloveLOVE that belt. Lately, I've been having a love affair with belts, and yours is definitely on my lust list!

    alaina style


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