pretty hair

No outfit post today, but I have good reason. I totally wore the exact same outfit as last week. But I figure it's ok because I wore it twice over in two different cities, So no one knows except for you, dear readers, and that is because I believe in full disclosure. So since I have no new outfit to post, how about a hair post? Yes? OK!
My little sister loves doing hair, and loves to do my hair. I love having her do my hair because she is so awesome at it. So that is what we did tonight while watching Modern Family, which I have finally gotten into thanks to watching a few episodes on the plane.


  1. Your hair looks so so pretty! All curled up with soft tendrils, your little sister is talented!

  2. Wow your hair is so so pretty, your sister did a terrific job!

  3. I love your hair! I always wished mine could do that, but it was too thick for the curls to hold (weight, plus whatever humidity was in the air, would drag them down).

  4. Your hair looks absolutely beautiful softly curled like this and the color is to die for! Wonderful!

  5. oooh lovely, like how you twisted it over at the back

  6. Lovely hair. And, I LOVE Modern Family. Seriously hilarious.
    <3 Kali


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