After yesterdays frenzied post, I am feeling verrry sleep deprived, albeit a little better about my upcoming assignments. I ended up working on my essay until  4am this morning. Oh, and I had only gotten 2 hrs of sleep the night before, (but it didn't even feel like sleep as I kept on waking up.) So by the end of my essay I had no idea if the 4 pages of sweet juices I had just procured out my mind grapes were even true/relevant/made sense in any way. Luckily they did, as I found out I apparently do have some good ideas when I showed it to my prof today. I had no classes, just had to go to school to see my profs about assignments and essays and such, but since I was soo tired and exhausted it was even more important for me to feel comfortable and cute. Enter a dress. And a skirt. Easy, cute and comfortable.

{Dress & necklace: H&M, Skirt: Gap, Boots: The Bay, Socks: Zellers, Leggings: Old Navy}

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  1. super cute! i am totally loving that denim skirt!



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