The time I dressed like an elf.

So tonight my church had our Christmas party. The theme was "Christmas Sweater Get-Together". I scoured thrift stores all week and there is not a Christmas sweater to be found in my dear city. I guess that's what happens when you live in one of the hipster capitals of the world. 
Since all I have are nice Christmas sweaters, I decided to go all out with a tacky Christmas explosion, cause that's more fun! I picked my favorite Starbucks Christmas shirt (thanks for the freebie sbux!) And threw on whatever red and green I could find. I was definitely the most enthusiastically dressed there. The few other people who did wear red or green only did it with a t-shirt. As usual, I was dressed a little  differently from the rest of the crowd. What can I say, subtlety goes out the window at Christmas in my world. Had I the funds/time my apartment would look like this:

I even went so far as red, green and gold eye shadow! Yep, i'm a huge dork. It's not the greatest look, but I was super low on time to get ready! 

Incase you can't tell, I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!! I'll be home in exactly a week from today and I am so excited!!!


  1. And a very cute elf you are! That apartment you posted up is amazing! I can imagine having a turkey dinner right under!

  2. superbe tenue et tres dans "l air du temps " ;O)

    bon dimanche !

  3. I am very similar, I love going all out on themes. Some people really don't care for them. I will never understand it! Your outfit looks so festive! :)

    Also, your make-up looks really pretty! Where in the world did you get red eyeliner?!

  4. Merry Traveller - Thank you! That's from the movie, Elf. I HIGHLY recommend if you havent seen it yet! It's my favorite Christmas movie!

    Thanks Nefertiti! :)

    Love to hear that Hannah! I don't get why people don't like themes either. That's where the fun is for me! Thanks! It's actually just eye shadow that I apply as a liner, I use the 120 Manly Palette which I higly, highly recommend! I got it on ebay for super cheap. You can see it here:

  5. Neat! Wow, that is a lot of colors.

    This is kind of random, but for some reason I came back to this post and noticed you replied back to my comment. Then I went through your backlog and noticed you have replied back to me a lot of times and I have never noticed until now! I never get any sort of notification about your replies. I feel kind of dumb for that. Blogger needs a better reply system!

  6. so cute! i'm impressed with your eyeshadow... i'm thinking i need some tips. love it.


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