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So I have been planning this post now for...6 months! When I started my job (having started my blog already) I wanted to do a feature on how to look good at work. I work at a little coffee shop called Starbucks (ever heard of it?), and having worked there through high school and two years after, I learned how to work the strict dress code so I could still feel cute! 
What's silly about posting this now, is I've resigned again and my last day is the 14th! Work and school is just too hard for me to balance, so I'm just going to focus on school next semester. 
Better late then never? 

One of the easiest ways to dress cute at the 'bux is by wearing a dress. They're allowed as long as they're black and have a collar, so I picked up this tunic at Zellers (which I also have in denim!) in the summer and I wear it with leggings. I also have a similar button up knee length dress (3/4 sleeve too!) that I got at a thrift store for only $7! I usually rotate between these two. 

I also love me some headbands. Whenever I worked at starbucks the first time around I had really long hair. I have gotten so. sick. of. pony. tails. throughout the years. What's really ridiculous is that I foolishly cut it in a short bob after quitting starbucks, so then I could've had a cute hairstyle since it was within dress code if I had still worked there, but then by the time I came back my hair had grown to ponytail length again!! Blerg. 
Soooo, I spruce up my hair with the help of headbands. As long as it's black, I can wear it. And even better, my manager is cool about me wearing peacock feather hair clips too. 
Or I wear my hair in the "braided headband", it's a nice way to jazz up a pony tail.

This advice probably wont apply to anyone (or it might) but I still warrant this as a post since I did feel pretty and actually remembered to take a picture of myself when I got home. Maybe i'll have the gumption to take more photos over the next two weeks? I have more strategies to share! 

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  1. I love this black dress! I can so see myself wearing something like it! Cute! It looks pretty on you as does the headband!


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