Sometimes when two outfits love each other very much, they get together and make a new outfit.
Which is what happened today. I took this skirt under a dress idea and this dress and belt and brightly coloured tights idea, and a new outfit was born.

{Don't you just love my vintage looking prints?! A bicycle and a typewriter, two of my most favorite things.}

This dress is really nowhere near as shiny as it appears in pictures. I really need to get photos of this dress in natural light! 

A tripod is the worst photographer ever. It's hard to focus and cuts off your head! 

{Dress & Belt: H&M, Skirt: Cotton Ginny, Shoes: The Bay, Tights: Old Navy}


{Dress & belt: H&M, Skirt: Gap}

Remember that time I wore a skirt under a purple dress? Today I wore that same skirt over a purple dress! 
I know, I am so creative.

And here's a somewhat better picture of the new specs. I love them so. :)


Sometimes I like to dress up like an extra on Mad Men

Today was an awkward photo day, but I'm really stoked about my hair and my new glasses!!!
{"shirt" (actually a dress):thrifted, pencil skirt: addition elle}

I have been thinking about getting a pair of cat eye glasses for a year now. Last Christmas ('09) I made a photo slideshow dvd for my grandparents for Christmas, and while I was editing all the photos I took not of my Grandma's flawless style. But glasses are kind of a big purchase (you have to wear them on your face every day!) so I waited to make sure they were something I really wanted. I figured a year was long enough and so I finally went looking and found these gorgeous specs at a local vintage shop. I got my prescription put in, and couldn't be happier with my new look! 
So in celebration of my new look I went all out and embraced all things vintage in my outfit today. Leaving my apartment I started feeling a little self concious, thinking "have I gone too retro?" but then I realized there is no such thing as too retro!!
I even put my hair in a 60's inspired updo, which i loved from the back but I wish I got more volume. My hair is impossible to backcomb. This is it when i've backcombed it!

I based it of this lovely image I found from google. Mine isn't quite as nice but I did it in 5 minuets, and I'm happy with it. 

I'll get better pictures of the glasses soon! Like I said, it was an awkward photo day. 


Lazy Saturday

This is what I wore on a very unproductive Saturday.
At least I felt cute while being lazy. 

Shirt: The Bay
Jeans: Target
Bow belt: H&M
Boots: Joneve


Thoughts on pajamas

I really haven't been feeling any of my outfits lately. It's so hard to get into a routine again after weeks of family sugar induced bliss that is the holidays. Every morning I just want to stay in bed for as long as I want like I did for those few weeks. And I especially felt that today, when I woke up to my sweeping view of snow covered tree tops. (Which has already melted!) 
But even if the weather didn't suck, I may just want to stay in bed forever thanks to my new favorite thing.
My new pajamas. 

Every year on Christmas eve we are allowed to open one present. Every year that present is a new pair of pajamas. In 2008 It was flannel.

The next year, at my sister's request was sliky pajamas. 
(And as always, my mom makes my sister and I match every year)

Now these were both fine pajamas, but my biggest annoyance is one I've always had, one that comes with a two piece set. I noticed it especially with the silky pajamas, that while I'm sleeping the pants would slide down and the top would slide up, leaving me half naked and tangled in my pajamas when I woke up! It was infuriating.

So this year I asked for a specific style of pajamas. A onesie. With feet.
So I went to the interwebs to find an adult onesie. I sent the link to my mom. I brought it up in almost every phone conversation we had in November and December. At first she thought I was kidding, so I had to make sure she was taking me serious.
I am very serious about how the wonders of a onesie.

I am very happy that my constant begging was heard, and that this year on Christmas Eve I got my onesie!!!! 
I have never been more comfortable and cozy in. my. life. 
They even come equipped with a "drop seat", so you don't have to completely undress whenever nature calls. I LOVE these!!!

And if it were socially acceptable, I would just wear these all the time.

Oh, and Ryan Gosling totally agrees with me. 


It's a video post!

I've always wanted to make one...I just had no topics so I decided to make one showing my secret santa haul. 

Yes, I mumble a lot and have a slight lisp and have weird little mannerisms. 
And yes, I filmed this on new years. 
And have only edited it last night. 
And yes, I did a horrible job.
Even though I went to film school. 
Where they made me edit a lot. 

If you watched all 4:36 of that, we can be best friends. 


I love colours

But i'm a broke student. (Seriously broke. Just this week I emptied out my savings, plus used all the cash I got from selling my old books, plus going over my limit on my credit card for text books for this semester. )

So since I can't buy tights I am hoping that I win something for the first time in my life.

So if you want a chance to win some tights too, head to Diva In Deep Thought for a giveaway from We Love Colours!

Or don't enter, so I have a better chance. Hahaha.
Just kidding! (Or am i?...)

Sarcasm doesn't translate well to the internet. I recently quoted a favorite Liz Lemon gem on my facebook:

"If I could push a button and five people in the world would die, but I get free cable for life, I'd do it."

And one of my friends took it seriously. 

some things never change

Today I got about 17 facebook notifications of my mom commenting/tagging me of some childhood photos. (I just love that she misses me, even when she abuses my facebook!) In the following photo (one of many of me sitting on the counter), she commented that I still wear bows to this day.

And she was right. This is what I wore to school today!

I just don't match as much.

Shirt, Cardigan, & Bow: H&M
Jeans: Torrid
Boots: The Bay

Another thing that hasn't changed? My love of re-creating dance moves on screen. When I was a little girl I would dance in front of my tv all the time and memorize my favorite dance numbers. Like with my favorite movie/musical for a good 2 years (that I maybe still love.) Or my favorite band.
I might've even learned Jai Ho by watching it on you tube over and over when it came out...

POINT BEING. (Other than I'm a dork.) Is that I was recently at a friend's party where we played a dance game for xbox kinect. It was awesome. So I set out to to find an equivalent for my Wii. I bougtht Just Dance 2 and when I played it last night I discovered the girl for Big Girl You Are Beautiful (maybe my favorite song ever) was an actual big girl! She's adorable and made me so happy to see! 


{Dress: Old Navy, Skirt: Gap}

Remember when I couldn't figure out how to work this dress? Today I figured it out! Just throw a skirt over it! One of my favorite solutions! 


a cute day

Dress & shoes: the Bay
Skirt: Gap
Owl: H&M

I just have to pay homage to the girls at {have a cute day} since I was inspired by them for today's outfit. I added a few inches to my dress by wearing a skirt underneath to make it more church appropriate, something i've seen them do a lot. Genius! I've also been admiring the way Rebecca at we are large, people layers petticoats underneath dresses for a similar look! I just love that little bit of detail peeking out from under a hemline.  While i've been admiring the look for some time now, I unfortunately don't have a vintage slip or petticoat to layer with...yet. 
So today I rummaged through what I do have, and found this skirt that I thought would work. It's a 3 tier skirt with eyelets in the bottom layer, so I thought it would add some nice interest as well as help me with the length. And it did the job beautifully! I'm actually happier with this dress with the added detail than without it. And i'm more modest! Win, win.

Neklace: Laura

While I loved my dress/skirt combo I realized this necklace would be just that much lovlier with the ensemble than the owl, so I threw that on quick before I ran out the door to church. I love the owl too, but I don't get as much wear out of this gorgeous flower pearl combo that I love so much since it's a bit fancier.  

And just for fun here is me being a geek outside the Pacific Science Centre in Seattle yesterday for Harry Potter: The Exhibition

I hated my outfit (I just grabbed blue stuff, since I woke up late and had to pick up my friend before jumping town) so ignore the outfit and enjoy me geeking out with a sorting hat photo op. Though I would like to point out the owl necklace I wore along with my house colour, blue. 
I am a Ravenclaw, all the way. 
Maybe I should also mention that I saw Deathly Hallows for the third time in theatres this week...i'm a geek and proud of it. 
I had a great time! Even though we got held up at the boarder, I lost a contact while driving (hence the glasses) and then had to drive home at midnight in a blizzard while on a country road somewhere near everett since my GPS likes to get me lost every time I take a road trip. So many adventures!


2010 outfit round up!

Here it is! An end of the year round-up post! I debating weather or not to do a top 10, but that doesn't seem fair because there are 12 months in the year. So I thought of doing an outfit for each month. But some months had a few cute outfits, while others had no real stand outs. So I just decided to ignore order and just look back at my favorite outfits of 2010 at random. 

Although they are posted in chronological order since that's how blogger does it. 

This may make my top 3!, If I were to rank them. I love how springy and bright the top is, it totally makes this outfit!

This one is a favorite beccause it helped me break out of my comfort zone. I had always been too afraid to wear skirts tucked in before, but I finally decided to embrace my body in it's current state, so I wore what I wanted, with no regrets!

I've had all the items in this outfit for at least two (or more) years, but I never put them all together until that day and I ended up loving this outfit. I like the simplicity of it, but that it still has interest with the weaving on the sweater and the button necklace. 

The same sentiments can be echoed in this outfit. It was April that I rediscovered this skirt!

I love the mix of patterns and colour in this outfit!

Remember the time I wore a scarf as a shirt? That was pretty cute!

When I saw this dress, it was love at first sight. I adore the colours and the classic vintage style. It also illustrated my philosophy that wearing a cute dress that you love can only help with confidence
I love, love, love, this yellow dress. I usually would wear it with a plain cardigan but I was tired of that and decided to add some interest with an embellished cardigan and some studs

My mom and I re-worked this men's shirt into a super cute dress! 

Obviously, I am a really big fan of jeans with a purple cardigan and a white patterned shirt. I am putting these two outfits together since they are pretty much the same. I feel so limited in wearing jeans, which is why I rarely wear them! 

While I love this outfit, I would not consider it fancy. But all my peers would. So I just laugh at how anything other than jeans are sweat pants are seen as "fancy". 

I love the colour of this dress, and my adorable bow belt. Simple and cute.

I chose this as one of my favorites because it's the first time i've ever worn brown! And dressing cute really helped turn my day around.

Don't get me wrong, I like this dress and all, but I didn't realize just how much I liked it until I wore it out on two occasions and got a lot of attention. Not to be shallow, but it's always nice to get a compliment.

This has got to be one of my favorite dresses I own. It was a magical vintage find, and I feel amazing every time I wear it. 

In conclusion, it is evident that I LOVE to be in dresses and skirts. Here's to avoiding pants in the next year! ;)


Yesterday I painted my nails. A pretty blue colour I have had and loved for 6 months, but I could never wear nail polishat my job, so since I finally quit it was finally ready to be worn. 
Today I realized this sweater in my closet totally matched my nails. I love turquiose/teal/blue shades so much, the colours in this sweater are to die for. 
(click for a close up to see the nails better!)

{cardigan: Old Navy, Skirt: Addition Elle, heels: payless}

I even wore teal earrings to match my nails and my sweater. :)

New years

I just got back from two weeks of family time back home. It was a lovely, lovely two weeks. Along with spending as much time with family and friends as I could fit in a day, I had all these plans for wonderful posts over the holiday. Obviously that didn't happen. All I had packed was t-shirts, two cardigans, this jean skirt, and my red dress. I blame my horrible packing skills and the fact that I didn't even go shopping until my last day, on new years eve for no posts. 
Luckily I found this top at the end of my shopping trip for a cute new years outfit. So I did end up with at least one outfit to post! 

My sister also had an idea for my blog, she wanted to be in a post with me! Which surprised me because she doesn't even read my blog really, but I thought it was a nice idea. So as we were heading to the airport to drop me off, and running very late, I got my mom to quickly snap these shots as my dad was standing at the door screaming at us "NO TIME FOR PICTURES! GET IN THE CAR!" But I just had to get my new years outfit with my sister! 

(yes we are sisters even though we look nothing alike)

I also had killer makeup, which maybe was the reason for me being late that I am sad about not getting a decent picture of. But you can kind of get the idea that it was very purple with the close up. 
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