a cute day

Dress & shoes: the Bay
Skirt: Gap
Owl: H&M

I just have to pay homage to the girls at {have a cute day} since I was inspired by them for today's outfit. I added a few inches to my dress by wearing a skirt underneath to make it more church appropriate, something i've seen them do a lot. Genius! I've also been admiring the way Rebecca at we are large, people layers petticoats underneath dresses for a similar look! I just love that little bit of detail peeking out from under a hemline.  While i've been admiring the look for some time now, I unfortunately don't have a vintage slip or petticoat to layer with...yet. 
So today I rummaged through what I do have, and found this skirt that I thought would work. It's a 3 tier skirt with eyelets in the bottom layer, so I thought it would add some nice interest as well as help me with the length. And it did the job beautifully! I'm actually happier with this dress with the added detail than without it. And i'm more modest! Win, win.

Neklace: Laura

While I loved my dress/skirt combo I realized this necklace would be just that much lovlier with the ensemble than the owl, so I threw that on quick before I ran out the door to church. I love the owl too, but I don't get as much wear out of this gorgeous flower pearl combo that I love so much since it's a bit fancier.  

And just for fun here is me being a geek outside the Pacific Science Centre in Seattle yesterday for Harry Potter: The Exhibition

I hated my outfit (I just grabbed blue stuff, since I woke up late and had to pick up my friend before jumping town) so ignore the outfit and enjoy me geeking out with a sorting hat photo op. Though I would like to point out the owl necklace I wore along with my house colour, blue. 
I am a Ravenclaw, all the way. 
Maybe I should also mention that I saw Deathly Hallows for the third time in theatres this week...i'm a geek and proud of it. 
I had a great time! Even though we got held up at the boarder, I lost a contact while driving (hence the glasses) and then had to drive home at midnight in a blizzard while on a country road somewhere near everett since my GPS likes to get me lost every time I take a road trip. So many adventures!


  1. Hi beautiful! I just found your blog and am glad I did :) I love your style, and your haircut and colour look amazing on you :) am happily following you :) <3 Anika

  2. I love the ruffle that the skirt provides, you look great! Cute shoes too. :)

  3. love this look! and the necklace is TO DIE... seriously!


  4. I agree, the pearl necklace fits better with that AMAZING dress. I love that you wore a ruffly skirt underneath. SO pretty.


  5. Love the ruffle peaking out of the dress like that and the pearl necklace is so lovely! Great outfit!

  6. You look beautiful!! I just found your great blog and am your newest follower!

  7. OMG! I have to try that skirt trick! I had never thought of that before, what a great idea. You look gorgeous!


  8. You look adorbs! And thanks so much for the mention! (can you tell I'm way behind on my blogs since the holidays?)


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