I love colours

But i'm a broke student. (Seriously broke. Just this week I emptied out my savings, plus used all the cash I got from selling my old books, plus going over my limit on my credit card for text books for this semester. )

So since I can't buy tights I am hoping that I win something for the first time in my life.

So if you want a chance to win some tights too, head to Diva In Deep Thought for a giveaway from We Love Colours!

Or don't enter, so I have a better chance. Hahaha.
Just kidding! (Or am i?...)

Sarcasm doesn't translate well to the internet. I recently quoted a favorite Liz Lemon gem on my facebook:

"If I could push a button and five people in the world would die, but I get free cable for life, I'd do it."

And one of my friends took it seriously. 

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