It's a video post!

I've always wanted to make one...I just had no topics so I decided to make one showing my secret santa haul. 

Yes, I mumble a lot and have a slight lisp and have weird little mannerisms. 
And yes, I filmed this on new years. 
And have only edited it last night. 
And yes, I did a horrible job.
Even though I went to film school. 
Where they made me edit a lot. 

If you watched all 4:36 of that, we can be best friends. 


  1. I dont think your annoying hahah Loved the video ! great goodies !

  2. Those are some pretty neat gifts, she must have done her homework on you!
    Don't fret about your voice, you sound just fine. I didn't even notice a lisp!

  3. I enjoyed watching your video! Cute gifts and I love your headband!

  4. Aw, you're adorable!

    I am also a terrible (pseudo) Canadian because I can't speak French either, ughh :(

  5. I just discovered your blog and I love it! You're such a genuine person. Very sweet. Your video was great! You have more bravery than you think.


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