New years

I just got back from two weeks of family time back home. It was a lovely, lovely two weeks. Along with spending as much time with family and friends as I could fit in a day, I had all these plans for wonderful posts over the holiday. Obviously that didn't happen. All I had packed was t-shirts, two cardigans, this jean skirt, and my red dress. I blame my horrible packing skills and the fact that I didn't even go shopping until my last day, on new years eve for no posts. 
Luckily I found this top at the end of my shopping trip for a cute new years outfit. So I did end up with at least one outfit to post! 

My sister also had an idea for my blog, she wanted to be in a post with me! Which surprised me because she doesn't even read my blog really, but I thought it was a nice idea. So as we were heading to the airport to drop me off, and running very late, I got my mom to quickly snap these shots as my dad was standing at the door screaming at us "NO TIME FOR PICTURES! GET IN THE CAR!" But I just had to get my new years outfit with my sister! 

(yes we are sisters even though we look nothing alike)

I also had killer makeup, which maybe was the reason for me being late that I am sad about not getting a decent picture of. But you can kind of get the idea that it was very purple with the close up. 


  1. Lovely photos and yes, I can see your lovely make up! :) Happy New Year to you!

  2. Happy New Year to you Erin! Glad you got to have a wonderful family time. Is your sister's hair naturally curly? It's just curled in a very neat way!

  3. Actually it's pin straight! And very fine so it doesn't hold a curl for very long, this was right after she had done her hair.


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