some things never change

Today I got about 17 facebook notifications of my mom commenting/tagging me of some childhood photos. (I just love that she misses me, even when she abuses my facebook!) In the following photo (one of many of me sitting on the counter), she commented that I still wear bows to this day.

And she was right. This is what I wore to school today!

I just don't match as much.

Shirt, Cardigan, & Bow: H&M
Jeans: Torrid
Boots: The Bay

Another thing that hasn't changed? My love of re-creating dance moves on screen. When I was a little girl I would dance in front of my tv all the time and memorize my favorite dance numbers. Like with my favorite movie/musical for a good 2 years (that I maybe still love.) Or my favorite band.
I might've even learned Jai Ho by watching it on you tube over and over when it came out...

POINT BEING. (Other than I'm a dork.) Is that I was recently at a friend's party where we played a dance game for xbox kinect. It was awesome. So I set out to to find an equivalent for my Wii. I bougtht Just Dance 2 and when I played it last night I discovered the girl for Big Girl You Are Beautiful (maybe my favorite song ever) was an actual big girl! She's adorable and made me so happy to see! 


  1. Awww I love looking at peoples baby pictures! You look a ton different that when you were young. Which I guess is pretty good, people wouldn't trust you if you had the face of a 2 year old. lol

    My older sister saw that game (Just Dance 2) and she's trying to convince my mom to buy a Wii just so we can play that one game. She doesn't even dance! But I do think it looks like a pretty cool game. I didn't know that about the song, good to know!

  2. Awww! I have a photo like that, when I was around 3... only I'm sitting on the stove. (Fortunately it was electric, not gas, but still.)

  3. ok so funny story. i love just dance and my brother who is like 6 foot and super skinny has the high score on big girl you are beautiful hahha.

  4. So wonderfully cute even at a young age!


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