Sometimes I like to dress up like an extra on Mad Men

Today was an awkward photo day, but I'm really stoked about my hair and my new glasses!!!
{"shirt" (actually a dress):thrifted, pencil skirt: addition elle}

I have been thinking about getting a pair of cat eye glasses for a year now. Last Christmas ('09) I made a photo slideshow dvd for my grandparents for Christmas, and while I was editing all the photos I took not of my Grandma's flawless style. But glasses are kind of a big purchase (you have to wear them on your face every day!) so I waited to make sure they were something I really wanted. I figured a year was long enough and so I finally went looking and found these gorgeous specs at a local vintage shop. I got my prescription put in, and couldn't be happier with my new look! 
So in celebration of my new look I went all out and embraced all things vintage in my outfit today. Leaving my apartment I started feeling a little self concious, thinking "have I gone too retro?" but then I realized there is no such thing as too retro!!
I even put my hair in a 60's inspired updo, which i loved from the back but I wish I got more volume. My hair is impossible to backcomb. This is it when i've backcombed it!

I based it of this lovely image I found from google. Mine isn't quite as nice but I did it in 5 minuets, and I'm happy with it. 

I'll get better pictures of the glasses soon! Like I said, it was an awkward photo day. 


  1. It's really quite nice! Thanks, I want to try it too but my hair's really layered so it might look windblown. I like the polka dot dress-to-blouse, such a lovely coral (?) colour :)

  2. I think I need to try that updo. My hair is so fine that I always worry about updos being flat. Yours looks great and I love the glasses!

  3. This is such a very pretty look, you look gorgeous!
    Yay for finding the vintage glasses! They really complete this look. :)

  4. Thanks for the hair tutorial. I am letting my hair grow long and I will need a bun style especially in summer. I love your style. You make cute creative looks and I am on the hunt for vintage cat eye glass frames.

  5. this is so beautiful! i must try it. soon.

  6. love the shirt! come visit my blog and follow me! :)

  7. cute hairstyle. I will have to try this one out


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