Thoughts on pajamas

I really haven't been feeling any of my outfits lately. It's so hard to get into a routine again after weeks of family sugar induced bliss that is the holidays. Every morning I just want to stay in bed for as long as I want like I did for those few weeks. And I especially felt that today, when I woke up to my sweeping view of snow covered tree tops. (Which has already melted!) 
But even if the weather didn't suck, I may just want to stay in bed forever thanks to my new favorite thing.
My new pajamas. 

Every year on Christmas eve we are allowed to open one present. Every year that present is a new pair of pajamas. In 2008 It was flannel.

The next year, at my sister's request was sliky pajamas. 
(And as always, my mom makes my sister and I match every year)

Now these were both fine pajamas, but my biggest annoyance is one I've always had, one that comes with a two piece set. I noticed it especially with the silky pajamas, that while I'm sleeping the pants would slide down and the top would slide up, leaving me half naked and tangled in my pajamas when I woke up! It was infuriating.

So this year I asked for a specific style of pajamas. A onesie. With feet.
So I went to the interwebs to find an adult onesie. I sent the link to my mom. I brought it up in almost every phone conversation we had in November and December. At first she thought I was kidding, so I had to make sure she was taking me serious.
I am very serious about how the wonders of a onesie.

I am very happy that my constant begging was heard, and that this year on Christmas Eve I got my onesie!!!! 
I have never been more comfortable and cozy in. my. life. 
They even come equipped with a "drop seat", so you don't have to completely undress whenever nature calls. I LOVE these!!!

And if it were socially acceptable, I would just wear these all the time.

Oh, and Ryan Gosling totally agrees with me. 


  1. oh my gosh! i was totally searching for onsie jammies for my husband! i should order them now for next year.. (he teaches 4th grade and they have a pajama day in dec every year, it would be hilarious!)


  2. You are so awesome for posting this! Oh my gosh, footies are the best. :D


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