Yesterday I painted my nails. A pretty blue colour I have had and loved for 6 months, but I could never wear nail polishat my job, so since I finally quit it was finally ready to be worn. 
Today I realized this sweater in my closet totally matched my nails. I love turquiose/teal/blue shades so much, the colours in this sweater are to die for. 
(click for a close up to see the nails better!)

{cardigan: Old Navy, Skirt: Addition Elle, heels: payless}

I even wore teal earrings to match my nails and my sweater. :)


  1. your eyes absolutely pop with that great sweater. looks great.

  2. I agree with Brittney, your eyes are showcased with these lovely shades of blue! You look fantastic and I love this cardi!


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