spinster style

{dress & tights: old navy, necklace: by me, skirt: addition elle, shoes: zellers}

This morning I was lacking inspiration on what to wear, so as I often do when such problem arises, I looked to blogs. And what was sticking out to me today was bloggers wearing their husbands shirts. "How cute!" I thought. I wanted that look too! Then I remembered I have no husband, and that I am a spinster. And that I don't even have any collared shirts to fake it with.
But I do have a collared dress, which worked just fine.
If only getting a husband would be that easy. 


I'm crazy

...at least that's what everyone told me today. "How can you be wearing a skirt?!?" They asked. "With no tights even?!?"

You see, today in Vancouver it felt like -6!! Which to the people of my fair city is "SOOO COOOLD!!!!" To me, it's just chilly, because I am from the second coldest place on earth. And while I have pretty much acclimatized to mild Vancouver weather after being here for almost three years, I can admit it's a bit chilly when it's -6. But not all that cold. So it's okay to bare a little kneecap.  Especially when I drive to school and only walk around in search of dim sum with my friends in the afternoon.

But I will admitt to being crazy for one "Blaine Warbler" (AKA Harry Freakin' Potter!) . And this little show called glee.


Pink Shirt Day

I normally wouldn't post an outfit like this. T-shirt, jeans....nothing special here.

 Except today there is something special about the colour of my shirt. 
In B.C. It's Pink Shirt Day. "A day to wear something pink to symbolize that we as a society will not tolerate bullying anywhere."

Growing up I was constantly bullied. For my religion and my weight mostly. But the kids in my school, community, and even at church bullied me for the littlest reason (being tall, wearing glasses) no reason at all. I've been shoved in lockers, had garbage thrown at me, and been the victim of a snowball attack (I grew up in Alberta). I've been spit on, been followed home by kids yelling "fatty fatty fatty" the entire walk from school. I've been told "Why don't you just kill yourself already, do the world a favor." I've been told "Everyone hates you." "Don't bother speaking." These awful words have greatly affected me. I've always been shy and withdrawn because of it. Even to this day, I still find it hard to put myself out there due to the tormenting I received as a kid and a teen. 
I'm so glad more awareness has been brought to the issue in recent years. From experiencing teachers siding with my tormentors in elementary school, to finally having issues of me being bullied at least heard by the administration of my high school, allowed me see that change can happen. I hope things continue to change. It's still not okay right now. Kids are still being bullied and dying from it. It's an issue that needs continued attention. I hope to one day raise my children in a world where they are free to be who they are without being tormented like I was. 

I learned about Pink Shirt Day last
week from Women's Stuides after reasearching a flash mob clip we had watched in class.

  This is what gives me hope for the future. So inspiring and touching. 


I'm totally over Jordon Catalano

In my humble opinion, floral dresses = Angela Chase, of the brilliant show, My So-Called Life.  Who I kind of idolized during high school when I'd watch My So-Called life on dvd constantly. She even inspired my crimson glow (red) hair that i've had for like, 6 years now. 
So that's who I felt like in this dress today. But adding the cardigan made me feel like me again. 

Dress: thrifted and altered (shortened)
Cardi: Plenty
Leggings: Additon Elle
Boots: The Bay

I basically love My So-Called life, and if you haven't seen it and you are a lucky american you can watch it on Hulu.
I'm so jealous of Hulu.  
Sometimes I think I would leave Canada just for Hulu.
But I don't want to give up healthcare. 


I post a lot about overcoming things on this blog. Fashion fears and hesitations that I've learned to push through because sometimes you get a good result.
Which is what happened today. I've admired the top knot on every blogger out there, but i've never thought I was able to pull it off, for fear of looking like Ms. Trunchbull. Which is just wrong because when my cousins and I used to dress up and make home movies (one of which being Matilda) I was always Matilda.
Thanks to facebook I can share this memory with all of you, dear readers. 

(that's me/Matilda on the left.)

Luckily, my outfit today was just so cute and wonderful that I overcame my fear and didn't look like Trenchbull at all. Though I do think I looked a bit like a teacher in the 60's, which is good because I was teaching in church today!

And I also wore lipsitck for the first time that wasn't halloween or a dance recital. I have been wanting to try a red lip for a looong time, but have been too afraid with my red hair. I picked up this colour at walmart a while ago to try it out, but I never wore it out of the house. Today I just went for it!

So all in all it was a good day. I tried a new hairstyle, I wore a cute outfit, wore lipstick, the lesson I taught went really well...

Oh, and Stephenie Meyer was at my church today. She's in town and happened to show up in our ward, and since I LOVED the twilight books in high school, I went up to her and said hi. We chit chatted for a bit. I told her how I worked on new moon and Eclipse as a Production Assistant-(have I blogged that yet?) She was really nice. 15 year old Erin was freaking out. 21 year old Erin kept her cool.
It was pretty neat. 


very purpley

So I realize i've posted about kind of this exact outfit before. And I usually don't re-post outfits.... but Since today I wore it with a different belt and shoes. I deem it worthy to post. 
I basically love little dresses. With belts. 
And the colour purple, obviously.

I never would've thought of wearing purple boots with a purple dress before, but sometimes you just have to break your own rules. 

Oh, and I did something crazy tonight. I announced to my Women's Studies class that I have this blog.
Well, it's not like I announced it. I only volunteered the information because I was provoked, and the instructor asked if anyone reads blogs/has blogs that challenge common perceptions. Which I'm kind of trying to do here. 
It's kind of crazy because I've only told 2 close friends and my mom and my sister about this. It's kind of a weird thing in "real life" and I'm a bit bashful to tell people "I have a blog where I post pictures of myself wearing clothes!" I'm kind of afraid of people. In real life. All you internet folk, I love. 
So we'll see how that goes. Maybe I will start telling more people about it now and not be so afraid.
Or I will continue to be shy. Like I have my whole life.


i'm hot melted butter

I posted in the summer here about my new swim suit I got this year. While I love the style, at first I was hesitant to wear it because I'd never had a suit that showed my shape so explicitly. And I was afraid at first. While I strut my stuff like nobody's business in my street clothes, I was a bit apprehensive to do so in a swim suit. You know, around people. People that might not be as accepting as I try to be about my body.

So when the opportunity came to strut my stuff in my swim suit this weekend, I took the chance and flaunted it. I wore my suit with confidence and didn't talk negatively about my body in it, while so many other girls (much smaller than me) did so about themselves. Which i'm sure we all can agree can be a difficult thing at times, that no matter how confident you find yourself, sometimes this thing can happen when hearing someone smaller then us complain about their body makes me us feel that our bodies must be even more horrible than theirs.)

And since i'm not currently capable of writing a more eloquent post on my fat thoughts, let me simply echo the sentiments of Lindy West's wonderful recent blog entry Hello, I am Fat

I promise I will write more of my own story soon.
Like maybe when I don't have a five page essay to write due in less than 24 hours that I haven't even  started. Aahhh! 

And incase your not a gleek like me, (and you really should be because it is amazing) the title from my post comes from the latest episode and my new hero, Lauren Ziezes. 


I like bows

{shirt: gap, skirt: thrifted, bow belt: H&M, shoes: payless}

I also like dots. And bright colours. Especially red.

You can't see it, but my flats have bows too. So since I  didn't get a photo of my shoes today here is one from a while ago!

While I love bows, I hate midterms. And I have one tomorrow. Off to go study!



Last summer my mom gave me a few shirts she had bought but never wore. Never one to turn down free stuff, I accepted. I finally got around to wearing one of them tonight! And since I haven't done laundry in a loooong time, I came across this shirt that just happened to be unworn and clean while rooting through the pile of clothes that is my room. 
So I threw a skirt overtop, and dreamed about donning a pair of flats and going straight to the beach....(is it summer yet?) But since it's February (and Vancouver isn't that warm...) and I have school I added a cardigan, leggings and boots.
I love the cardigan with this shirt. I don't know why I didn't think of it until now, especially since I got this cardigan last summer when my mom gave me the shirt.
Sometimes genius is dormant.

Which brings me to tonight...I'm taking Women's Studies this semester and tonight we got on the topic of body image and size, which if you are here reading this blog you might realize that it's something that effects me a lot (of course, because it effects everyone!) and which I care deeply about. 
Let me preface by saying I do not speak up in class. In jr.high and high school i'm sure half my peers thought I was mute. If a teacher called on me i'd shrug or mumble "I don't know..." to get them to leave me alone. These issues all stem from lots of bullying during this time but i'll save that fun tale for another day.
Since starting college last January, and finally feeling confident in myself enough in general, I was able to start to talk in class. Giving an opinion or an answer here and there. I don't talk very much still but I'm not as afraid anymore as I once was. But today I couldn't shut up. I was a warrior for the Fat acceptance movement. I talked about HAES. I brought up how fat women are discriminated against because we can't shop almost every mainstream retail store, how so many people don't realize that. While it was hard to get word in because this topic obivously (as it effects us all) sparked a lot of discussion. But being one of only two fat girls (and the only one talking) I wasn't going to let our side go unheard. 

I know I don't talk a lot of politics on this blog, what I like most is sharing my fashion with others, but I am an active reader in the online fat positive community. It's something I care deeply about and I hope to explore sometime soon. (I've been procrastinating that post, but with my new found Women's Studies confidence that post may come sooner rather than later.) 
But I will save that for another time when my brain is working better, as i'm not writing very coherently right now. 
For now just enjoy the clothes. :)


This is what I wear when I have NO IDEA what to wear. 

{dress: old navy, bolero: torrid} 

I had a rough morning. I woke up at 12 (church is at 1), and for some reason was having a lot of difficulty putting something together to wear. Maybe because my room is in such a complete state of chaos I can't even walk through it. I have a path to get out my door, and that's it. My floor has been overtaken by a sea of varying colours and patterns in different shapes that no longer speak to me, just overwhelm me with their volume and force. All I can do is stand there in the midst and try on dress after dress (that happen to still be hanging) until I finally find one that I like.
And today that was a blue dress. With black because thinking about anything was just too hard today.

I do love this colour though.


Here is an outfit from last week I never got around to posting for some reason or another. 
Because today I am wearing jeans. I haven't had any blog time because my brother surprised me with a visit a few days ago so I have been gladly showing him around Vancouver.

{skirt: target. tights: old navy, cardigan: ?, owl:icing}

And yes I wore shoes when I wore this outfit but they got all muddy and I hate cleaning my floors. ;)


{Shirt: Old Navy, Skirt: Gap, Owl: Icing}

It is my humble opinion that a girl can't go wrong with stripes, a skirt, and an owl.
And vintage cat eyes. Those are a must.

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