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I posted in the summer here about my new swim suit I got this year. While I love the style, at first I was hesitant to wear it because I'd never had a suit that showed my shape so explicitly. And I was afraid at first. While I strut my stuff like nobody's business in my street clothes, I was a bit apprehensive to do so in a swim suit. You know, around people. People that might not be as accepting as I try to be about my body.

So when the opportunity came to strut my stuff in my swim suit this weekend, I took the chance and flaunted it. I wore my suit with confidence and didn't talk negatively about my body in it, while so many other girls (much smaller than me) did so about themselves. Which i'm sure we all can agree can be a difficult thing at times, that no matter how confident you find yourself, sometimes this thing can happen when hearing someone smaller then us complain about their body makes me us feel that our bodies must be even more horrible than theirs.)

And since i'm not currently capable of writing a more eloquent post on my fat thoughts, let me simply echo the sentiments of Lindy West's wonderful recent blog entry Hello, I am Fat

I promise I will write more of my own story soon.
Like maybe when I don't have a five page essay to write due in less than 24 hours that I haven't even  started. Aahhh! 

And incase your not a gleek like me, (and you really should be because it is amazing) the title from my post comes from the latest episode and my new hero, Lauren Ziezes. 


  1. Ooh yes please. Even your swimsuit is a gorgeous red which I have decided by now is YOUR colour! And I think you rocked the swimsuit!

  2. I can totally see your confidence in these photos. And I can certainly relate to the bad image talk from smaller girls (and moms!), it drives me crazy!
    I look forward to reading your story! I'm sure it will be a good read.

  3. You look great in this swimsuit! The color definitely suits you and it's great to see so much self-confidence and self assuredness. It's super attractive!

  4. total gleek right here... and Lauren Z is my new favorite cast member! dude! i wonder if that girl can sing? that suit is amazing! you look great!


  5. You are such an inspiration. I feel braver after reading this. Maybe I could flaunt my bathing suit too. BTW, you look fabulous in yours.

  6. Merry Traveller-You're correct, I LOVE red! Thanks!
    Hannah-Thank you! It's such a shame to hear negative talk, hopefully that can change some day...
    Bella-Thank you!
    Selina-Yeah Glee! I love Lauren. Did you see Tuesdays episode? She got a solo!
    bigonmodesty-Thank you so much! I'm honored to be an inspiration. :)And YES you can flaunt your bathing suit! work it! no regrets! ;)

  7. You don't know me, but I just had to say, you look totally hot. And you have gorgeous legs.


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