I post a lot about overcoming things on this blog. Fashion fears and hesitations that I've learned to push through because sometimes you get a good result.
Which is what happened today. I've admired the top knot on every blogger out there, but i've never thought I was able to pull it off, for fear of looking like Ms. Trunchbull. Which is just wrong because when my cousins and I used to dress up and make home movies (one of which being Matilda) I was always Matilda.
Thanks to facebook I can share this memory with all of you, dear readers. 

(that's me/Matilda on the left.)

Luckily, my outfit today was just so cute and wonderful that I overcame my fear and didn't look like Trenchbull at all. Though I do think I looked a bit like a teacher in the 60's, which is good because I was teaching in church today!

And I also wore lipsitck for the first time that wasn't halloween or a dance recital. I have been wanting to try a red lip for a looong time, but have been too afraid with my red hair. I picked up this colour at walmart a while ago to try it out, but I never wore it out of the house. Today I just went for it!

So all in all it was a good day. I tried a new hairstyle, I wore a cute outfit, wore lipstick, the lesson I taught went really well...

Oh, and Stephenie Meyer was at my church today. She's in town and happened to show up in our ward, and since I LOVED the twilight books in high school, I went up to her and said hi. We chit chatted for a bit. I told her how I worked on new moon and Eclipse as a Production Assistant-(have I blogged that yet?) She was really nice. 15 year old Erin was freaking out. 21 year old Erin kept her cool.
It was pretty neat. 


  1. This outfit could not be any more perfect. It goes so well with your specs. Also, that is really cool that you got to work on some films.

  2. love love love the polka dots, red and yellow...a favorite combo of mine for sure!

  3. I really wish Stephanie Meyer would come to my Ward! That's so cool! (Hi, yes, this is 15 year old me wigging out)

  4. Matilda was quite an iconic movie for me growing up. For some reason the scene that stands out to me the most is when the family is sitting around eating off t.v. trays in the living room. I guess as a kid I could easily relate! But that scene has absolutely nothing to do with hair. I'm just throwing that weird memory out there. haha

    You pull the top knot off effortlessly! I can't wait for my hair to grow out so I join that bandwagon.
    Fun little detail that your lipstick matches your shoes almost perfectly! I'm glad you had the courage to wear it outside of your house. :)

  5. Thanks Brooke!
    Thanks Aleisha, It's a favorite of mine as well. ;)
    bigonmodesty, it was pretty cool!
    Hannah- I SO get it!! Matilda was my favorite movie growing up. I used to think I could make things move with my eyes just like her, so i'd lock myself in my room and "practice" for hours. I really thought it was possible for a while! Thanks, my dear. :)

  6. Haha I am liking the pose with one leg up, I don't even know how to describe it but just made me think of quaint characters. You look like a hot teacher!

  7. the red lip and top knot totally rock! so hip! and Stephanie Meyer! i would have peed in my pencil skirt if she showed up in my ward and thats the nearly 29 yr old me!


  8. I JUST LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! you have such great style, I am Lauren, a new reader/visitor, I too am plus sized and lovin it! thank you for giving us ladies out there such great inspiration on the plus side of things, any lady is beautiful no matter what! I will be back often good job on your blog!

    -Lauren :)

  9. OK, how SWEET is this outfit erin? you are looking so great and its been a delight to catch up on ure blog! work it lady!

  10. Oh so cute......!!!!! I just ordered a bright yellow cardi this week! Now I can't wait to get it....you are so inspiring.

    Did you have the urge to yell TEAM (EDWARD/JACOB)? Probably not in church, huh? I would love to talk to an author. I wish I could meet Jane Austen! The fact that she is dead is a bit prohibitive.

    Matilda, such a sweet & scary movie. Good for you believing in your powers, that is what childhood is for, you made an adorable Matilda in the picture. My favorite part of the movie is when she does the item dance with Little Bitty Pretty One playing, and the end when the Talking Heads song plays and Ms Honey and her run around!

    What a great post!

  11. What lipstick are you wearing?

  12. You look so good! You pull off the top knot very well, and I love the polka dot/skirt combo - very pinup!

  13. Such a good look! From the yellow sweater to the red shoes - to the top of your top knot! I think you pulled the hairstyle off smashingly, as well as the red lipstick! It's so fun to try out new things!

    Ps. regarding your comment on my blog post about knocking over the tripod - I've done that twice now and I freak - i mean freak - out both times! It's the scariest sound in the world to hear your camera thudding over!

  14. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! :)
    Anon-this colour is "Retro Red" by NYC. I adore the colour but it wears off after only a few minutes! I constantly had to reapply which was incredibly annoying so I wouldn't recommend it.

  15. I really love this outfit! The top is really nice, I like the little ruffle!


  16. Im glad you kept your calm around Stephanie Meyer, and I love that she just showed up at your church- too funny!

    Anyway, I love everything about this outfit- the color scheme is to die for!


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