I'm crazy

...at least that's what everyone told me today. "How can you be wearing a skirt?!?" They asked. "With no tights even?!?"

You see, today in Vancouver it felt like -6!! Which to the people of my fair city is "SOOO COOOLD!!!!" To me, it's just chilly, because I am from the second coldest place on earth. And while I have pretty much acclimatized to mild Vancouver weather after being here for almost three years, I can admit it's a bit chilly when it's -6. But not all that cold. So it's okay to bare a little kneecap.  Especially when I drive to school and only walk around in search of dim sum with my friends in the afternoon.

But I will admitt to being crazy for one "Blaine Warbler" (AKA Harry Freakin' Potter!) . And this little show called glee.


  1. I think Blaine is adorbs too. Totally!

    I love showing bare legs when I can take it. In the winter, you are usually inside most of the time anyway, right?

  2. That really puts things into perspective. Sometimes I don't wear a skirt because it's cold, and here you are walking around naked legged in -6 degree temps. Wow. Go you!

  3. A few things:

    1. I love, love, love those boots...and the skirt...and I adore stripes, as my closet will attest. I guess I pretty much (heart) your entire outfit.

    2. I relish each new episode of Glee, and fantasize about how I can make my life a musical, too. While I have a nice singing voice, I don't think most people would appreciate me breakin' out into song. Sigh.

    3. Thank you (a few posts back) for sharing your bullying experience. I was not bullied as a kid, and if anyone said anything behind my back, I never heard it, so I consider myself very lucky and, unfortunately, not the norm. I recall that once another boy called me a fatass (yeah? So I'm a chub. Love my butt.) and a friend told him to stick it where the sun don't shine (in much meaner, 7th grade language).

    The reason I bring this up is that as a teacher, I strive daily to make school and its social aspects the most safe, nurturing place for my students as possible. In the library (where I teach), I'm constantly reminding students to treat each other with respect, and model this myself. Thank you for reminding me (and the rest of your readers) that bullying can happen for no apparent reason at all, and that I need to constantly keep my eyes open and be the best advocate I can for my students.

    Keep posting! I love seeing what you're wearing.


  4. @Natalie- I really hope Blaine sticks around for a long time! I love him so much! I'm glad you see my inside logic for the legs. ;)
    @bigonmodesty-It's a lot easier to go bare legged when indoors. ;) It's the walking outside that sucks!
    @mindi- I'm so glad we share a love of stripes, and wishing our lives could be a musical. I constantly find myself wishing I could break out into song... If only I could sing...and thank you for your lovely words. It's teachers like you that really make a difference. I had two great teachers (sound a lot like you!) that completely changed my life in high school. People like you make such a difference!


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