Last summer my mom gave me a few shirts she had bought but never wore. Never one to turn down free stuff, I accepted. I finally got around to wearing one of them tonight! And since I haven't done laundry in a loooong time, I came across this shirt that just happened to be unworn and clean while rooting through the pile of clothes that is my room. 
So I threw a skirt overtop, and dreamed about donning a pair of flats and going straight to the beach....(is it summer yet?) But since it's February (and Vancouver isn't that warm...) and I have school I added a cardigan, leggings and boots.
I love the cardigan with this shirt. I don't know why I didn't think of it until now, especially since I got this cardigan last summer when my mom gave me the shirt.
Sometimes genius is dormant.

Which brings me to tonight...I'm taking Women's Studies this semester and tonight we got on the topic of body image and size, which if you are here reading this blog you might realize that it's something that effects me a lot (of course, because it effects everyone!) and which I care deeply about. 
Let me preface by saying I do not speak up in class. In jr.high and high school i'm sure half my peers thought I was mute. If a teacher called on me i'd shrug or mumble "I don't know..." to get them to leave me alone. These issues all stem from lots of bullying during this time but i'll save that fun tale for another day.
Since starting college last January, and finally feeling confident in myself enough in general, I was able to start to talk in class. Giving an opinion or an answer here and there. I don't talk very much still but I'm not as afraid anymore as I once was. But today I couldn't shut up. I was a warrior for the Fat acceptance movement. I talked about HAES. I brought up how fat women are discriminated against because we can't shop almost every mainstream retail store, how so many people don't realize that. While it was hard to get word in because this topic obivously (as it effects us all) sparked a lot of discussion. But being one of only two fat girls (and the only one talking) I wasn't going to let our side go unheard. 

I know I don't talk a lot of politics on this blog, what I like most is sharing my fashion with others, but I am an active reader in the online fat positive community. It's something I care deeply about and I hope to explore sometime soon. (I've been procrastinating that post, but with my new found Women's Studies confidence that post may come sooner rather than later.) 
But I will save that for another time when my brain is working better, as i'm not writing very coherently right now. 
For now just enjoy the clothes. :)


  1. It's better than nothing. We don't have women's studies in our school. I am really happy that you found the confidence to speak up because I was also once bullied. Funny how i didn't think of it as bullying till much later in life when all's over and I am my own person. I hope everyone heard you loud and clear!

  2. I am a secret stalker of your blog, but now I am proud to follow you b/c I am also a plus-sized (according to the world) girl. You have really given me a lot of inspiration to wear things I wouldn't normally wear too. I am all for one embracing my curves and belting what we'd normally not belt! I'm also LDS so I appreciate the "making it work" with the standards that we have. Plus-sized Pretty FTW!

  3. Good for you, speaking out for us "Fluffy" ladies! I love your blog, I love seeing another mormon plus size lady try to make it work in the fashion world. We wanna look cute too! Thanks for all your inspiration, and encouragement.

  4. Thanks for the support everyone!
    Catherine & bigonmodesty, It's so nice to see other plus size mormons bloggers out there! I haven't come across many!


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