spinster style

{dress & tights: old navy, necklace: by me, skirt: addition elle, shoes: zellers}

This morning I was lacking inspiration on what to wear, so as I often do when such problem arises, I looked to blogs. And what was sticking out to me today was bloggers wearing their husbands shirts. "How cute!" I thought. I wanted that look too! Then I remembered I have no husband, and that I am a spinster. And that I don't even have any collared shirts to fake it with.
But I do have a collared dress, which worked just fine.
If only getting a husband would be that easy. 


  1. I have never heard the word "spinster" used by contemporary writers. I read lots of Regency romances and it used liberally in those books. I certainly don't think of you as a spinster. Enjoy being single. And even though I am married, my husbands shirts would be way too small for me, so I couldn't pull this look off. Love the shoes.

  2. haha great idea! love the purple tights!
    I'm having a giveaway!! Cardigans and Cookie Dough

  3. I have to comment on how cute your necklace is! ANd the purple tights are awesome! An unexpected pop of color that makes this outfit come to life. Love it!

  4. @Mama Pants- thanks! hah, yeah it's an outdated term. I just use it to describe my extremely "optimistic" outlook on my love life. (Being that it is non-existant!)
    @Katri-Thank you! Gotta love some bright tights.
    @Bella-Thanks! Stay tuned one of these days i'll be giving one to a reader. ;)

  5. I'm with Mama Pants. I might have a husband, but he can wear boys sizes, and I am quite plus sized. So there will be no borrowing of his clothes for me. So cheer up, having a husband guaruntees nothing for fashion.


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