This is what I wear when I have NO IDEA what to wear. 

{dress: old navy, bolero: torrid} 

I had a rough morning. I woke up at 12 (church is at 1), and for some reason was having a lot of difficulty putting something together to wear. Maybe because my room is in such a complete state of chaos I can't even walk through it. I have a path to get out my door, and that's it. My floor has been overtaken by a sea of varying colours and patterns in different shapes that no longer speak to me, just overwhelm me with their volume and force. All I can do is stand there in the midst and try on dress after dress (that happen to still be hanging) until I finally find one that I like.
And today that was a blue dress. With black because thinking about anything was just too hard today.

I do love this colour though.


  1. I love this outfit! I would totally wear this.

  2. Dress is very becoming on you! The skirt looks like it can swish around in style.


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