So I did a tiny little revamp to the layout. Just a few font changes here and there really, but it's enough of a change for me. I added a bloglovin button because I have finally started using that to follow blogs, and it is amazing! So I thought i'd make life easier for anyone who wants to subscribe through bloglovin.

Yesterday and today were both crappy. So I have no outfits worthy of posting, (don't worry I have been clothed for the past two days) as I slept in both days super super late.

But I did my nails last night. And while it looks like they were done by a blind toddler, I am still quite proud of them. It's my first attempt at nail art. 

Yeah, so I can't really make a fist. I don't know why my pinky always hides behind the other fingers...good thing i'm not in any gangs so I don't need to punch anybody. 

As you can see I will not become the worlds greatest hand model anytime soon. But that's okay. I hear it's kind of a rough life anyways. 


  1. They look really cute. The color is just great. I think you did a fine job. I rarely paint my nails, but seeing all of the lovely blogger nail art has made me want to try it out!


  2. Aw, you finally joined the Bloglovin' club... er, not a club but.. it's totally changed the way I read blogs.

    That nail art is not bad for a first attempt! That blue color is absolutely adorable.

  3. I hate to complain, but the type on your posts is REALLY small, and hard to read. I love your nails though, I think they're really nifty.

  4. ma fille est en pleins dedans en ce moment elle a des ongles qui changent chaque jour ;O)

  5. i love the nails! and your reference to zoolander haha

  6. Thanks everyone!
    I changed the font size, so hopefully it's a bit easier to read now!


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