dream of the 90's

Today was a typical Pacific North West day. It rained. A lot. 
And today I dressed like a typical PNW girl. Which I am, even though I was born in Alberta. (Though I'm really a B.C. girl in heart. ;) )

I think we all know what floral dresses mean to me by now. 

{dress: thrifted, boots: old navy, sweater: aritzia} 

It seriously felt like I was on to something the universe had set up today. As I got in my car the local radio (which usually plays the same top 40 rock over and over) played Garbage, R.E.M., and Beck. On my way to my friends house. Everything was very fitting. Except that a real PNW'er would've been on a bike. Which i'm a coward to do in the rain. There's kind of the whole not being able to see thing when my glasses get wet to worry about.

When I got to my friends today the first thing they both said to me was "You so look like you belong in Portland! Or the 90's!"

We then proceeded to watch this video and laugh.

If you haven't seen Portlandia yet, watch it. It is amazing. Your welcome.

I have a serious love for Portland. If I ever lived anywhere in North America other than Vancouver, it would be Portland. Vancouver is a lot like Portland. Only in Canada. Which is why I love it.


  1. hahaha! I have been thinking about the 90's allot lately, cause I have been listening to ALLOT of Aqua the last few days. I miss how everyone was always trying to stand out and be weird!

    Born To Be Styled

  2. hey beauty! we have a favor to ask of you... we have gotten a few reader questions lately about how to get some of our looks styled for a curvy/plus sized figure and we thought who better to ask than our favorite pretty plus sized blogger! i have been a size 14 before and learned how to dress those curves but we would love to team up with you to talk all about it and maybe show some cool options for re-styling any look to be figure flattering... let us know what you think! we would love to brainstorm with you and feature your styling skills on our blog!



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