a "haul" of sorts

So if you've read this blog for a while you may have noticed i've never done a "haul" post before. Some reasons are because a) I try not to shop enough to warrant a haul (which I am pretty good at, but also fail miserably at sometimes) and b) because I am way too lazy to take pictures of my stuff after i've been out shopping.
Enter online shopping! I usually have a personal policy of only ordering online if it's something I can only find online. If I can look at it and try it on myself in a store, i'll trek out to the mall. In the past I have mostly ordered from Torrid since they've got a good selection of stylish plus sized items (though I haven't in a long time, as it is so friggen' expensive!!) and recently, Modcloth with great success. 

So last friday when I found out F21 was donating all their online sales to relief efforts in Japan, I did a little browsing. Okay, maybe I online browse all the time and saw this as an oppurtunity to get a little shopping in and do some good. Win, win! So I purchased a few basic items, two of which i've been longing for for quite some time.  

(The colour of the dress is nothing like the photo! It's more pink IRL)

The striped cardigan and cambray top are still available. The dress, sadly, is not.

These hair clips (at only $1.50) were added to get free shipping (score!) And they are adorable. I'm planning on using them as shoe clips! 

I'm super happy with all my purchases. The cardigan and chambray have been items i've wanted for some time now, and the dress was on sale for only $7.50!! It's so comfortable and a lovely length and it's got sleeves and is basically the perfect dress. If they were still selling it i'd be tempted to buy a few more and dye them different colours! 
I was a bit worried at first about fit since i've never owned anything from F21+ before. I always hated accompaning friends into F21 while shopping because their miniscule sizing made me feel terrible. When I found out about F21+ I checked a few stores to see if they carried the line. Of the three cities I checked (Vancouver, Edmonton, and Calgary) none of them sold the plus line in store. So since i've never been able to physically look at their sizing, I ordered the garments based on the size chart, hoping they would fit. Lucky for me they all fit perfectly! Everything I ordered is a 2X.
I'm also pleased with how quickly everything got here! I got a call today for pick up at the local Purator office today, so that means they must've tried to deliver it yesterday. That's pretty gosh darn impressive considering I got notice they were shipped on the 22nd! 

And yes, I know calling this post a "haul" is a bit of a stretch. This is what happens when you are student and are trying desperately to change your habits and shop sensibly. ;) 


  1. I also just ordered from F21+ for the first time during their japan donation day and got my stuff today! I did end up getting a top from their straight sizes that was bigger, it doesn't hurt to read their example sizing, I mean a 40" chest for a small means a large is going to fit! So cute-http://tinyurl.com/5t4lt9r.

  2. You snagged some pretty sweet stuff! I'm baffled by how fast you go it, I also ordered from there when I heard they were donating to Japan and I don't get it until tomorrow. I guess it's not that long to wait, but I am ALWAYS worried when I order online that stuff is just not gonna work out.

    I like your idea of using the clips for your shoes. What a simple way to change them up! :)

  3. I have a couple of thinkgs from F21, well that's not true. I have a couple of clothing items. I really like them! I buy A LOT of my jewelry pieces there too b/c they are super cheap!

    Glad they are giving a good excuse to go shopping!

  4. I like F21+ but I am kinda pissed at them. International shipping used to be 35 USD max and now they up it to 58 USD and that's not the max!


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