I was born in the wrong decade

(I know my skirt is wrinkled, I actually did iron it but apparently just not good enough....?)

{shirt: Joe, skirt: cotton ginny, shoes: payless, flower: ardene}

I realize that I kind of just wear this same outfit over and over and over and over and over and over again in different variations. But every time, I love it! I can't help it if I know what I like. And I know that I like polka dots and a high waisted skirt. 
So I really liked this outfit today, as I was super excited to wear this new polka dot shirt I bought.

If you are thining "Really Erin, more polka dots?" I'd like to defend myself by saying these sleeves are to die for. 

I unfortunately couldn't get a very good picture (It's very awkward to take a photo of your own shoulder, hence, photobooth stepped in.) but these sleeves are totally cute. Which justifies my purchase. 

Another thing I love besides polka dots would be things in my hair. Namely flowers. And lipstick. I'm totally hooked now. 


  1. The second picture made me want to say "boop boop be doop", a la Betty Boop. SO cute! Love the sleeves on the top, isn't it the little things that get us excited?

  2. I would very much like to wear polka dots every day! And most days, I succeed! Ever since a nice older gentleman told me that "you can never forget a pretty girl in dots" I'm hooked!

  3. So cute. You look like you belong on Mad Men. Love the red shoes with it.

    Caroline www.beauty-full.net

  4. I just have to say how adorable you look! Especially that last picture, with the close up of your face. You look amazing, woman.

  5. You look stunning!! I love that lipstick color on you.

  6. Such a sweet and simple outfit- I love the pop of color in your lips!


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