I wore this outfit to a party last night. 
I wish I had worn this outfit today.
Instead I wore jeggings today. With a cute top, and some snazzy shoes. I was just going to a church activity, and was running late, so I didn't put much thought into it.
Then I went to a wedding reception, having thought I would have time to come home and change before the reception. But I didn't. So I showed up looking mangy and very underdressed. Which is a new thing for me as I am always "overdressed". 

Even though the above outfit still isn't what i'd qualify as a reception outfit. But it's better than wearing (sort of) pants, right?

Ready for more awkwardness?
I cut my bangs, and went shorter than I usually do. I kind of like them short.

But I'm kind of afraid I look like Spock now.
Which is really an insult to Spock, since his bangs are impeccably straight, while mine are very crooked.

Live long and prosper.


  1. I like your short bangs! I think they look classy and suit you! Nice!

  2. I think anything outside of jeans is showing a lot of effort, so I think you made it work perfectly!

    That bangs are not so bad, they could be way worse.. like mini bangs. I have been cutting up mine a lot lately and went short like that and kept sweeping them to the side until they were to a length of my liking. It's actually kind of a good thing to cut them short, then they have time to relax and get to the perfect length.


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