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{skirt: Gap, shirt: The Bay, cardi: Old Navy}

Remember when I said I worked in film? I worked as a P.A. (Production Assistant) on a few movies, New Moon and Eclipse mostly, then a few days here and there on Percy Jackson, Hot Tub Time Machine, and some tv shows. I had some good experiences but it just wasn't the life for me, so now i'm back in school. A friend of mine I met on Eclipse is still working though, and he invited me out to the wrap party for a movie he was working on. I went because it's not a bad way to spend a Saturday night. 

We hung out and danced and took advantage of the photo booth they had brought in! (I'll be scanning those soon!)

Highlights of the night:

-The bartender being totally cool when I requested something non-alcoholic. He recommended the straight juice he was using for another drink and I felt like a 4 year old drinking juice at a hollywood party. A really cool 4 year old. But as we all know juice is how the real party starts.
-Speaking of refreshment, I asked one of the servers what was vegetarian, and seeing as there wasn't much, he made sure somebody brought me a place of all their vegetarian options. Awesome! 
-Dancing like crazy. The good thing is that everyone is drunk, and assumes everyone else is too so you can dance as crazy as you want! I may've whipped out the hairography (see video at :50 for visual aid) and may've gotten so crazy that my glasses went flying off my face, or that might've been when my friend and I were spinning (not sure of the right term), either way it ended up okay because some nice stranger picked them up for me before someone stepped on them! 
-Meeting Jenny Slate!!! (GENIUS creator of Marcel the Shell.) of I saw her in the bathroom early in the night, but felt too shy and awkward like I always am to say anything, and I kept seeing her around and wanted to say hi, but my crippling shyness always trumps with me. Finally at the end of the night I mustered up the gumption to say "Hi" and she was the nicest, sweetest girl! She was genuinely appreciative of how much I told her I loved Marcel, she gave me a hug and remembered me from the bathroom!! Haahaaa. It wasn't even awkward because she was so sweet. 
-The photo booth!!! We may've gone like 5 times....so much fun!
-The free taxi ride home!! I loooove taking taxis, it makes me feel so important, but I am poor and rarely can afford them (but I do sometimes treat myself as i'm only $10 away from downtown.) But they gave everybody free vouchers at the party. Pretty sweeeet. 

It was a pretty good night! Sometimes, (okay most of the time) I really love my life here.


  1. Sounds like such a fun night!

  2. Wow...fun night. I miss dancing.

  3. very cute outfit!! i like the black and denim and your skirt is adorable!



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