it's fate

Remember when I found the bicycle dress? No? Well, let me explain then. Almost a year ago, I found an adorable dress at Anthropologie.com that stole my heart. It was a perfect cut and style, one of my favorite colours, and the very best part, the print of the fabric was little bicycles. (And I am a bicycle enthusiast.) 
I just about died. It was everything I could ever want in a dress.
I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, wanted this dress.
But I decided to be sensible (worth a shot, right?) and I didn't buy the gorgeous dress that had stolen my heart since it was close to $200 U.S. and I'm a broke student. 

This was last June.

And I have thought about that bicycle dress almost everyday since then.
I'm not kidding. I really think about it that much. (I think about clothes a lot.)
And I would get sad every time I'd think about it. Sometimes I would do a google search for the Anthropologie bicycle dress, hoping to find a size 14 on ebay...

Well, on my last google, I came across a blog, which brought to my attention an identical dress (only a different print) that was for sale at Modcloth. And when I say sale, I mean SALE. I got this baby for  $37.99!!!
It was the same colour. The same style. The same designer even! It was near identical to the bicycle dress. IT WAS FATE!! I instantly felt near the same amount love for this dress as I had the bicycle dress. It wasn't quite as strong and as true of a love I felt for the bicycle dress, but It was still love, and I knew It was meant to be. I just had to have this dress. 
I didn't want to repeat history, so I snatched it up. With the conversion rate and shipping it ended up being around $60, which is still a steal!

So this may not be the bicycle dress, but it's close enough.
Acorns are kinda cute too. 

I reckon it's a bit like having a first love. It'll always have a special place in your heart, but things just didn't work out at the time, so you had to move on. And then you find someone else, that you love too, and that person is available, and you can be together. And you're happy. So it's still great. Just different.
 At least, I think it's like that... I wouldn't know because I've never been in love with another person.
Just dresses. 
It's so much easier to love inanimate objects (in this case, dresses) instead of people. 
Probably not very healthy though....


  1. It looks great! And I love the belt you paired it with!

  2. I really really love this dress... You rockin it luv!!!

  3. The things that appeal to me about the dress are the prints and the length! I am holding a "Dress Up Your Denim" challenge. I hope you will be able to take part too :)

  4. Looks great on you! I can defintely see why you like it so much.

  5. Cute! Though I can only partially see your heels, they look cute, too~

  6. I love this story! It's totally meant to be! I had a similar thing happen to me with an Anthropologie sweater with repeating Scotty Dogs on it. I couldn't rationalize the $150 pricetag, but I found it later for $45 on eBay. (And then, I ended up giving it to my sister for a Christmas gift. I know, it makes no sense after all those months of obsessing!)
    You look charming in your dress!
    And, thanks for your super nice comment on my blog post about dressing for conventional fashion rules. I really appreciate the time you took to write thoughtful feedback!

  7. Oh my goodness - awesome story!!
    That is such a great quirky print, just as a good as a bicycle.
    I'm so glad you were [almost] reunited with the dress!

    I've had many loves for things at thrift stores and then when I think long and hard about wanting them and decide to go back, they're gone. Everytime it stings a little.

  8. Yay! This looks adorable on you. I own the same dress, because I loved the bicycle dress, too...only I bought it at full price because I was POSITIVE it would sell out in my size (it didn't). It went on sale a week after I bought it. Sigh.

    Not to muck up your amazing find, though. It looks lovely on you. Here's what I plan to purchase to round out the absurdness of the acorns:

    That's right. A squirrel belt.

    Happy spring!


  9. Adorable dress! That color blue looks *amazing* with your hair! And, while acorns are no bicycle print, they are *acorns*!


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