{shirt & boots: Old Navy, dress: Joe, belt: thrifted}

Today I had a presentation to do in class, and as i've mentioned before, dressing cute = confidence to me. So I made sure I looked and felt cute before class. It's a simple method, and it works. I even think I did pretty okay in the presentation! (Let's hope.)

Yes, I know my floor is dirty and gross. My vacuum doesn't suck!

I also broke out some new items (I may've been bad and gone shopping on the weekend...) which always helps with the confidence. I think it's the back to school nostalgia of a new outfit on your first day. New year, new clothes, new start...
So even though I kind of can't afford to have gone shopping, I justified my purchases by seriously needing a new pair of boots since I pretty much just rotate between the two I currently have. I'm happy to report these boots felt like slippers they were so comfortable and worth the $30. Thanks Old Navy! 


  1. I love the gingham and the dress together. Your boots are seriously cute!

  2. Definitely a winning look! I'm sure the presentation went well!
    The gingham is cute and the belt is a winner. Love the brown and navy combo, too!


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