So, I wore this yesterday.

{shirt: H&M, skirt: Target, belt: Thrifted}

 (AH! Roots!)

And I got some low lights put in on Saturday. I kind of love them/kind of think I look like a redheaded tiger. 
It's not something i'd ever get for myself, but it was part of a spa deal I bought a while back, so I went for it. I do like it a lot more than I thought I would. 

Sorry this post isn't more exciting. I'm not feeling inspired. Maybe because I'm procrastinating and feeling guilty about it. 
Yeah, that's probably it. 


  1. Your low lights look beautiful! I love them!

  2. I like your top! & the belt looks really cute with it :)

  3. Is that a butterfly on your belt? Ah, I love it! It's adorabibble. Love your lowlights too.


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