This is kind of an awkwardly framed picture. When cropping I couldn't get the vacuum or an edge of the tree out, so I figured I would just embrace my little plastic Charlie Brown Christmas tree that is still hanging out in my apartment. And note that it is no longer a "Christmas Tree" but a non-denominational evergreen tree. At least that's what I call it whenever someone points out "Erin, It's almost April. It's time to take down your Christmas tree."

So my awkward photo is rather is fitting, because today was an awkward day for getting dressed. You know when you throw on 6 different outfits before you finally give up and just walk out of the house with what your wearing? Well that was what I did today. Luckily I ended up liking the final product and I didn't walk out of my house half naked or anything. 
Which is always a plus. 


  1. I love your boots! Your outfit is cute. I never would've thought to put olive green and blue together, but now I may have to try it!


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