{chambray: F21+, dress: Target}

I wanted to wear this dress the other day, but I didn't just want to throw on a cardigan again. Even though I love that look, I wanted something different. But with limited options with me since i'm still on "vacation" in Edmonton, I got a little creative and tied up the chambray over top.


City Chic

A little while ago I screamed like a little school girl upon opening my email. City Chic had contacted me to put together a look for their Blogger look book feature for their website. Honored and excited, I set to work. 

I immediately fell in love with their lace pieces, and decided to go all out and combine lace and lace. A faux-pas? Possibly. Do I care? No. If Lady GaGa can do it, why can't I? 

With just these two pieces I put together three (slightly varied) looks. First, I added a cardigan for a more conservative look. 

Then I went with what I had originally planned, the lace on lace look.

And for good measure, my lil' sister (my photog) suggested I un-tuck the shirt. 

Not bad either, though I am always wary of an un-tucked shirt into a skirt....it just feels wrong some how..

I am IN LOVE with these pieces, and can't wait to wear them a million other ways. They are both quality pieces, and have a good stretch, which makes them so comfortable. For referance, i'm generally a size 16/18 and fit nicely into the XS.
The only downside is that if you are ordering from Canada, try not to be too excited about receiving them right away. It takes a while for them to ship. Just remember, good things come to those who wait! 

I love City Chic!


skirting the issue

Remember this dress? Well, now it's a skirt. 

Since I have other floral dresses I decided to sacrifice this one and make a floral skirt! All I had to do was cut it in half. I'll hem it of course, but I am still in the process of pestering my mom to bring out her sewing machine so I can do so. It was super easy to do and ready to wear right away thanks to the elastic waist on it. Easiest. DIY. Ever. 

{"skirt" and belt: H&M, t-shirt: Zellers, cardi and leggings: Old Navy, flats: payless}

And the best part? This is just one of many ways I plan on wearing my new skirt.


{top: old navy, jeggings: target}

Easter with my fam is very, very casual. All holidays are. Christmas is usually a lil' bit dressier but the rest of the holidays are jeans and t-shirt affairs. So while I wanted to dress up and wear a gorgeous new pencil skirt I got, jeggings are atually the more appropriate choice for my family.
But it won't be when I have a family. We will dress up and have an all vegetarian feast. I am so different from my family in every way sometimes i'm convinced i'm an alien. 

And since my lil' sister loves doing my hairs, she did a fishtail braid for me which I have always adored but cannot master on my own. Thanks sis!

Happy Easter everyone!!

What's even better than a long weekend?

How 'bout 30% off at City Chic? I am drooling over their new Pretty in Prints line. These lovely floral prints are the perfect thing for spring! Hurry and hop over quick like a bunny to take advantage of the discount, It's only valid until midnight tomorrow!


sister stripes

{shirt: Joe, skirt: Gap, belt:?}

This is what I wore today to hang with my lil' sister. She took me out for lunch and gave me a tour of her school (she's in music at the University of Alberta) and we had a nice sister time. then I did some shopping with my mom (picked up an adorable vintage inspired dress that I cannot wait to wear on Sunday!) and then I made dinner for the family (as I often do when I am home) and we all went to my lil' sister's band concert. I love vacation.

While my mom and I were shopping someone in the store told me "I really really love that outfit!" Which is always nice to hear.

 I do really love this top.


{cardi: Plenty, blouse: Zellers, shoes: payless, skirt: my mom}
 Here is yesterday's outfit. Since today is strictly a "sit around in your pajamas and read and go on the internet" kind of vacation day. AKA, the best kind of vacation day. ;)

Any Canadians out there been to Zellers recently? Every now and then they get really cute stuff! This blouse being amoung other lovely lovely things. I was good and only bought this one though.

Speaking of the internet, how great is Tumblr? I'm on there so come say hi. ;)


I'm 22!!

Hi friends! Sorry for the blogging absence, my finals totally ate me alive! But I wrote my last one today so it's all over now! Now I just wait and pray I passed everything...

FYI...that is not dandruff on my head but SNOW... every year of my life i've spent in Edmonton I have had snow on my birthday. :(

My sister says it looks like i'm trying to be a gangsta....I'm just representin' my age, yo!  

But on to happier topics....IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Well, it was an hour ago. In Vancouver I guess it's still my birthday for a few minutes. But I am home in Edmonton right now. Since it worked out with exams I got to be here with my family for this speial day. I got on a plane right after my 9:00 final was done! I'm so happy to be back and get to see my family. It meant a lot to have people I care about and that care about me today. Sometimes It's really hard living in a big city all alone, far away from everyone, so I'm really glad I got to come home for today and being around loved ones. It meant so much.
I got suprised by some friends at the airport, who drove me to dinner with my family. We went for Indian food to my favorite restraunt (New Asian Village, if you are ever in Edmonton check the buffet!!) Then came home with my family and my friends came back to watch Harry Potter on blue ray on my parents sweet tv. Oh, and the blue ray set came with wands!!!! Which makes the super hardcore Harry Potter geek that I am sooo happy. I opened my presents in the restraunt and may have embarrased my family with how excited I got over the wands....I have no shame.

Dress & Cardi from Target

On to the outfit! Because that is surely why you are here! I bought this dress in Target while I was in Utah and I knew it was meant to be my birthday dress. :) It was love at first sight and I am so proud of myself for only buying this one dress! Because how could I not? ;)

My sister was even so kind as to take outfit photos for me without even complaining! What a sweetie. My mom also deserves a shout out because she gave birth to me 22 years ago. I was the only one she went through labour for, with my older brother being adopted and my younger sister being a c-section! 24 hours of labour! Thanks Mom!

I've had mixed feelings about 22 up to this point, but I'm going to go out on a limb here (and hopefully not jinx anything) and say that 22 just might be my year. ;) 


The same, only different

This morning, as often happens, I woke up late and just threw on whatever was on top of my clothes pile in my room. (I'm not very organized.) I was rooting through my countless pieces of clothing, freaking about what time it was and how I had to be at school to see a prof in a very short ammount of time...
Finally, I ended up with the cambray top, and my jeggings. 
It was déjà vu! I know I am totally repeating myself here, but also not at the same time...it's enough of a difference for me to wear almost the same outfit again in less than a week. And blog it again. Just pretend i'm remixing. ;)

So for a little excitement, check out my nails!:

I remember seeing a post a while back at The Dainty Squid featuring these Sally Hansen "nail effects". They are like stickers, for your nails! They come in a variety of awesome designs and look great! I bought this flower design and the houndstooth one when I was at Walmart the other day. I was nervous about applying them myself, especially using my non-dominant hand, but I did pretty good all things considered. Definitely possible to put them on yourself but I imagine how much nicer they'd be if I got someone else to help me out!  I've only had them on for a day but they're holding up really well so far. They're supposed to last 10 days so here's hoping!

Also you may notice I am wearing lipstick. No, I didn't actually wear it to school (where I was studying all day) because as much as I want to, and admire it on others, it seems a bit much for me.  I'm sure I will progress into it soon enough, because I have started to love wearing lipstick! (See here and here.) So while I was at walmart and browsing in the beauty isle, I thought some pink lipstick might be fun for spring. Now I am not makeup artist and I have no idea what colour is right for a pink skinned and very red haired girl, so I was afraid. But that's what was keeping me back from wearing lipstick in the first place for so long. So I just went for it and picked out the colour that spoke to me. (And my wallet, since this was under $3!) The colour is "Hot Paris Pink" by Wet N Wild

While it looks more pink with the flash on, it appears a lot more orange in natural light. In person, it's definitely a bold fashion fuchsia....like I said I have no idea if this is the "right" colour for me but I like it!


{skirt: Torrid, shirt: Joe, boots: Old Navy}

I put on this skirt and top, but something just wasn't working....then I was inspired by myself, (as vain as that sounds) to try tucking a shirt into this skirt which I had never done before. And I liked it. 

{blazer: Gap}

And since it was chilly cloudy and windy out I added this blazer to go out.

That's it. Today is all about gettin' my study on. While looking cute, of course. 


love and not love

I love, love, love, the cut and style and fit of this dress. I love that it's the perfect length and has sleeves so I don't have to wear anything with it. (Perfect for summer!)
I don't love the colour. I thought I was okay with it when I bought it. I thought it would be good to have a neutral in my closet for a change. But I'm just bored in it. Neutrals bore me. They make me feel a bit like Ann Veal.

Nevertheless, this dress has potential, which I intend to harness by dying it. I've never dyed a garment before, so I'm thinking olive green to keep it in the same colour family, just incase of anything going amiss. 
Stay tuned!


{top: F21+, jeans: Old Navy, shoes: Payless, necklace: Laura}

Yesterday was another big step in this never ending journey to self acceptance.
(It's okay if that sentance made you throw up a lil' bit in your mouth. It did for me too. I just can't think of a less cheesy way to say what I want. )

Yesterday was different. And it was all due to my decision to wear a shirt tucked into pants.
I remember just four years ago, at the same size I am now, swearing i'd never wear a shirt tucked into a skirt. That I was too fat. That it would look horrible on me. This blog is a testament to the fact that i've conqured that fear. Once I conqured the fear of the tucked in skirt, I moved my insecurity onto pants. "I love a tucked in shirt with a skirt" i'd say, "but never will I tuck my shirt into pants!" While I admired the look on others (often thinner peers, but also some fellow fatshonistas) I'd dismiss the idea for my own body, deeming it unacceptable for such a look. Then Halloween came. And my costume consituted a tucked in shirt with jeans. I would have to face my fear. Under the guise of halloween, I navigated my fears and embraced my body and how it looked at the moment, tucked in shirt and all. To my suprise I felt confident as ever and did'nt get a single disparaging word or look. I've alwas toyed (no pun intended) with the idea of trying that look for myself,  Minus all the cowgirl stuff. If I could pull it off once I could pull it off again, right?

So yesterday, I did.
When my chambray shirt and favorite jeans were begging to be worn together, I went for it. While hesitant at first, I was surprised to see I looked good! And I felt good. I let go of the fears of how I would look, and how others would perceive how I would look. And I felt great. 
But Of course there was still that little voice in the back of my head, the one that tells me i'm too fat. The one that tells me I look hideous. That everyone will stare at me, will make their comments on how discusting I am. On how I "should not be wearing that". It's the same voice that has been at the forefront of my mind for so many years of my life. The same voice that tells me I am worthless. Stupid. That I have no friends, I will never marry, I will fail out of college and be doomed to work at a coffee shop my entire life. 
But i'm working on pushing that voice outside of my head. Replacing it with another voice. One that advocates me, not terrorizes me. It's a constant struggle I know I'm not the only one dealing with.
It's a struggle, but I feel that we should all embrace our bodies as they are. Not to say we shouldn't take care of them and strive to be our personal best, (at every size!) but that we shouldn't hate them just because they don't look like everybody else's.
I can dream, right? 

I figure I should mention though, the heels are just a photo-op. They just went too perfectly with the outfit! And there's no way i'm ever wearing heels to school. I only ever wear them on sundays, as the most I can handle is shuffling around from room to room at church.


Outfits of the weekend...

This weekend I was lucky enough to take a quick little (and by quick I mean 14 hour) road trip to Utah for my church's General Conference. One of the main attractions of Salt Lake City is the gorgeous temple, which worked as the perfect backdrop for outfit shots. ;) 

As always it was a great spiritually uplifting weekend, but was even more so because I got to be there, and sit in the conference centre for both the afternoon sessions! Pretty great. And I got to see some family that I haven't seen in 8 years, as well as some friends that I haven't seen due to all my friends moving from Vancouver. 
It was such a great weekend!!
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