The same, only different

This morning, as often happens, I woke up late and just threw on whatever was on top of my clothes pile in my room. (I'm not very organized.) I was rooting through my countless pieces of clothing, freaking about what time it was and how I had to be at school to see a prof in a very short ammount of time...
Finally, I ended up with the cambray top, and my jeggings. 
It was déjà vu! I know I am totally repeating myself here, but also not at the same time...it's enough of a difference for me to wear almost the same outfit again in less than a week. And blog it again. Just pretend i'm remixing. ;)

So for a little excitement, check out my nails!:

I remember seeing a post a while back at The Dainty Squid featuring these Sally Hansen "nail effects". They are like stickers, for your nails! They come in a variety of awesome designs and look great! I bought this flower design and the houndstooth one when I was at Walmart the other day. I was nervous about applying them myself, especially using my non-dominant hand, but I did pretty good all things considered. Definitely possible to put them on yourself but I imagine how much nicer they'd be if I got someone else to help me out!  I've only had them on for a day but they're holding up really well so far. They're supposed to last 10 days so here's hoping!

Also you may notice I am wearing lipstick. No, I didn't actually wear it to school (where I was studying all day) because as much as I want to, and admire it on others, it seems a bit much for me.  I'm sure I will progress into it soon enough, because I have started to love wearing lipstick! (See here and here.) So while I was at walmart and browsing in the beauty isle, I thought some pink lipstick might be fun for spring. Now I am not makeup artist and I have no idea what colour is right for a pink skinned and very red haired girl, so I was afraid. But that's what was keeping me back from wearing lipstick in the first place for so long. So I just went for it and picked out the colour that spoke to me. (And my wallet, since this was under $3!) The colour is "Hot Paris Pink" by Wet N Wild

While it looks more pink with the flash on, it appears a lot more orange in natural light. In person, it's definitely a bold fashion fuchsia....like I said I have no idea if this is the "right" colour for me but I like it!


  1. The lipstick is divine! I too struggle with lip colors. But, the thing that struck me with your pictures was your eyelashes, they are fantastic! Mine are a so so length, but the tops of them are kinda a grey color. Yours look full, and therefore enviable!

    The nails are super cute too, I am not sure I could get them placed correctly on my fingers.

  2. You look fly in that color lipstick. I love the natural orange color in the sunlight.


  3. I love the details in this outfit - from your classes to your manicure! It adds an extra zip!

  4. I'm kind of going backwards with my blog reading at the moment, so don't mind me creepin' on week old blog post.

    Remixing makes everything better. If you love something, why not wear it over and over again?!

    I was excited to see you have the floral nail effects, I have them too! It was a delight that they didn't chip like nail polish, but shocking when they fell off in my sleep all in one strip. haha, but it's still better than polish!

  5. I was wondering how those polish stickers looked! I am going o want to wear those for special occasions now!

    Born To Be Styled


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