{skirt: Torrid, shirt: Joe, boots: Old Navy}

I put on this skirt and top, but something just wasn't working....then I was inspired by myself, (as vain as that sounds) to try tucking a shirt into this skirt which I had never done before. And I liked it. 

{blazer: Gap}

And since it was chilly cloudy and windy out I added this blazer to go out.

That's it. Today is all about gettin' my study on. While looking cute, of course. 


  1. LOL "inspired by myself"--totally something I could hear Rachel Berry say haha. Love your blazer, and the shirt tucked into skirt look is cute :)

  2. I love that blazer. That outfit is way too cute for studying! I always whip out baggy sweats and an old t-shirt.


  3. Thanks ladies!
    Sue-haha, that toally does sound Rachel! I guess I was even a little Rachel inspired with the mini skirt! I think i'm a little too obsessed with glee....
    Monica-I guess I should also mention I was also meeting friends afterwards. ;) But I do try to dress cute most of the time, even for studying - it makes me more productive! Although I do have my days when I just throw on any ol'jeans and a t-shirt!


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