skirting the issue

Remember this dress? Well, now it's a skirt. 

Since I have other floral dresses I decided to sacrifice this one and make a floral skirt! All I had to do was cut it in half. I'll hem it of course, but I am still in the process of pestering my mom to bring out her sewing machine so I can do so. It was super easy to do and ready to wear right away thanks to the elastic waist on it. Easiest. DIY. Ever. 

{"skirt" and belt: H&M, t-shirt: Zellers, cardi and leggings: Old Navy, flats: payless}

And the best part? This is just one of many ways I plan on wearing my new skirt.


  1. Ooooh good job, looks great on you :)

  2. Fantastic DIY! The skirt turned out adorable. :)


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