{top: old navy, jeggings: target}

Easter with my fam is very, very casual. All holidays are. Christmas is usually a lil' bit dressier but the rest of the holidays are jeans and t-shirt affairs. So while I wanted to dress up and wear a gorgeous new pencil skirt I got, jeggings are atually the more appropriate choice for my family.
But it won't be when I have a family. We will dress up and have an all vegetarian feast. I am so different from my family in every way sometimes i'm convinced i'm an alien. 

And since my lil' sister loves doing my hairs, she did a fishtail braid for me which I have always adored but cannot master on my own. Thanks sis!

Happy Easter everyone!!


  1. Your sister did an amazing fishtail! I can do it but it doesn't look as good as yours and my arms are exhausted by the time I'm done. I dig it.

  2. i love your blue button-up, i want one!



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