Don't you just love this elephant necklace? No? Then go see Water For Elephants. I dare you not to love elephants after that. 

Another day, another outift. Look forward to more of these because the new semester started up. School = a reason to get dressed in the morning. Which is kind of why my posts were lacking in the last few weeks I had off. But now I have returned to school, where I re-learn what a preposition is. I'm only in my second year of college. No big deal or anything. Not that we were learning abut prepositions per se, it was that my teacher had a joke about such and had the good sense to remind us all what they are because only two people could recall what it was off the top of their heads. 

Which means I really need to brush up on my School House Rock.

My first year college English course I took last January had weekly grammar quizzes, which I studied for with S.H.R. Thanks to Mr.Morton, I rocked the quiz on subject/predicates. 

No shame. 


  1. I just wanted to let you know I awarded you the versatile blogger award. Hop on over to see what you have to do and congrad's! :> www.blissfulanddomestic.blogspot.com

  2. Agreed about the elephant necklace! I think any animal made into charm form and slapped on some jewelry is adorable. I have these elegant cat earrings I picked up at a thrift store a bunch of years ago that I've never worn. They're just pretty to look at!
    I also just like your whole outfit in general!

    I never got into School House Rock. It happened before my time. Although I do know a few of the classic songs (Conjunction Junction, etc) because they get played everywhere and spoofed. Glad that it could be helpful to you! haha


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