{cardi & tank: old navy, skirt: addition elle}

In trying to be a more organized, punctual person, I try to have an outfit in mind for the next day. When I am really on top of things, I even lay out said outfit. I did that last night. Which means I should've been on time for class today.
Then mother nature threw me a curve ball. It was sunny. Which I was thrilled over, of course. Then kinda annoyed because I had to ditch the cardigan, leggings, skirt, and boots I had put together the night before. And then thrilled again because IT WAS SUNNY!!!!

So after riffling through my clothes, I put together a near replicate of Sundays outfit, well, just the cardi and tank. But instead of the black pencil skirt, heels, and curly hair with a flower I went with on sunday (can't you just picture it? Good. Because I didn't take a photo.) Today I went for a a jean skirt, flats, and a pony tail since I had no time for hair.

Then I made a yummy sweet and sour tofu stir fry for dinner. Which I posted here. Yes, I have a food blog that I often neglect. Much like parents are to a middle child...

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