I love my mom

As we all know today is mothers day. To celebrate, since I am away from my mother, I decided to break out a new skirt she made me while I was home recently.

I commissioned my mom once again (remember the dress?) to help me make some things I had in mind for a while now. The first was a skirt. We went shopping and found this lovely yellow flower print. We picked out a pattern, and within a day we had made a brand new gorgeous, perfectly fitted, custom skirt. Of course by "we made", I mean I cut out the fabric while she sewed away. The woman has got some serious skills. I'm in love with my new skirt!!

I'm also in love with my new necklace. It's a knock off of an Anthro necklace from over a year ago, that I had admired, but since it was cray expensive I didn't buy it. Now much later, I picked up a replicate at The Bay on sale for only $12! 

And as if it wasn't enough to make me a skirt, she also made me an adorable apron!! I have been wanting to make an apron for a while now, so when we were out shopping I found this incredible vintage inspired print by Amy Butler. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my apron. I kind of want to wear it out in public it's so cute. But that may look a little crazy...so I just wear it around my apartment. And every time I regret not buying more fabric to make a dress out of it. 

Now allow me to gush about my mom a little bit. She's the best. I know everybody says that about their moms, but with my mom it's totally true. My sister and I both notice the same problem of having friends be jealous of how awesome she is. She's sweet, and caring, and hilarious, and talented, and kind, and has sacrificed so much for her children, especially me. Like letting me live in Vancouver on her dime. Pretty sweet, right? So even though she gave me terrible (truly, truly, terrible) vision, and weird ugly feet, with almost no baby toe, (which I just realized I have now exposed in that apron photo! Ahhh!) she has always given me, and continues to give me her constant support, in every way. Not just temporally, but emotionally, and spiritually. I have always known she has loved me with all her heart. I joke around that I'm her favorite, but really, she loves all her children this much. (But I'm still totally her favorite.) She's incredible and such a wonderful example to me. I'm so glad to have her as my mom. 


  1. Awww, yay for wonderful mommies! Your mom sounds perfect :], consider yourself lucky! I love that skirt she made, and the apron would be hot over a dress! You could start a new trend, lol! That print is too fab to keep in the house! Your necklace is to DIE FOR! You look great.

  2. Pretty skirt! your mom is very talented :)
    I loooove that necklace<3

  3. That yellow floral skirt is absolutely amazing.

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