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Today was a wonderful day. Why? The sun came out!! That might not seem like that big a big deal to most, but when you live in Vancouver, it really is. The entire city changes with a glimpse of the sun. All of a sudden people are friendlier, more hopeful. There is a spring in everyone's step all of a sudden. 
I spent my day soaking up the sun, walking around my lovely neighborhood, snapping photos of cherry blossoms before they vanish. They are truly the most beautiful sight I have ever laid eyes on. 

Then I went to a friends party, which was a barbeque. So I decided to throw on something that felt summery and barbequey. Yes, this is pretty much my easter outfit repeated with different jeans and a belt...but everyone's guilty of that so... whatevs. 
I did mix things up just a bit with this hair piece which I like to break out in the summer. A dear friend of mine from California brought it for me from down there. And I love it! It's got peacock feathers which are my absolute favorite. 

I can't wait for more days like today. Sunshine, and time outdoors. So wonderful! 


  1. I am doing a hair week in June over at, Blissful & Domestic. I am wanting to show off hair tips, hair styles, and hair accessories. I am looking for some great guest bloggers. Let me know if you would like to join in on the fun.


  2. That hair accessory is rad! I have like the biggest collection of feather earrings, but I have yet to make the move of feathers in my hair.
    I've kind of wanted to try my hand at making one. Is yours a clip on, or is it attached with like an elastic or something? I would love to know!


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