A night of Anthro

A few years back, when I had recently moved to Vancouver, I came across a website for a clothing store This clothing store was Anthropologie. I was instantly smitten with the lovely sophistocated vintage inspired pieces. Not so much with their prices. Since the only Canadian location at that time was Toronto, I decided that when I saved up enough money, i'd take a little trip down to Seattle to do a little shopping. 
But I never had enough money. I'm a student, yo! And I somehow resisted ever making a purchase online. Even that time with the bicycle dress, I resisted. (Sometimes, I am practical.) The first time I made it to an actual store was in Edmonton. (Just my luck, they opened a store up in Edmonton after I moved!!) And it was even more wonderful in person. 
So I was over the moon when I found out they'd be opening up in Vancouver!! 
The grand opening was Friday, but lucky me a friend of mine won tickets to a special even on Saturday night! (A smaller crowd is always a good thing in my world.)

The night was basically just a crowd control shopping event. Which is kind of awesome, because like I mentioned earlier, I'm not a fan of crowds. There was also musical performances and a delicious (and all vegetarian!!) snacky foods provided by Whole Foods. Music, vegetarian food, and gorgeous clothes? Basically a perfect night for Erin. 

Of course being a woman of size (haha, I can't believe I just typed that) aka plus size aka fat, Anthro is a bit dicey. They usually only carry up to a size 14. My weight is like a yo-yo. I can be anywhere from a 12 to an 18. Currently i'm a 16/18. So I didn't exactly have high hopes to find much to buy. Which might also be a good thing considering i'm a broke and unemployed college student.
There was also the issue of how i'd get treated. A lot of times I walk into a store and get the stink eye from all the associates. This happened a lot when I was home recently shopping with my (size 4) sister. To some, I don't even deserve to set foot in their stores because of my size. This is why I never set foot in Forever 21 or any other of those stores unless I am shopping with a skinny friend. But I went into Anthro with a positive attitude and that's what I ended up with, a positive experience. All the sales attendants where lovely and accommodating (except for a small issue with belt sizes, which I explain later.) and none of the other customers gave me the "What the hell is the fatty doing here?" look I so often get. Infact, everyone was so lovely and friendly to one another. It was like we were all high on pretty clothes. A few other customers struck up conversation with me, which is not very typical as I am super super shy. I even ran into my neighbor there! Small world.  

Onto the clothes!! 
First I tried on a lovely white dress. It was a 14 but the cut/fabric had no give. No dice. So I continued browsing. I did notice a few tops here and there that came in XL and looked like they'd fit, but they were all too expensive to bother trying on. Since I'm poor I only wanted to try on things i'd love enough to buy.

Then this lovely salmon/coraly dress caught my eye. I've been into this colour for a while now, and it looked flowy enough to fit. And it did! 

But I felt it needed a belt. 

So the sales girl fetched me some belts. In size small and medium. 

...um seriously? Does she not see what i've got going on here?! So that's why I look like an amputee in the nect photo. I am holding the belt together at the back since I didn't bother asking her for a large. I also didn't bother correcting her when she heard my name as "Anna" so I was Anna for the rest of the night. Awwwwwkward. 

Anyways, I liked the dress much better belted. Basically I was just in love with the colour. I was set on buying it until a lovely floral number caught my eye. And it was even cheaper! 

I decided I liked this one much better. I love the fit (it has a tie in the back for some waist definition, the pattern (very Monet looking), and the weight of the fabic (light and perfect for summer!). And did I mention it was way cheaper?! I can't wait to wear this all summer long!!

And then as I was on my way to pay for my new purchase, this lovely headband caught my eye! (That's how they get you!) It was just too gorgeous to pass up so...I gave in and bought it. I adore the colour and beadwork. It was definitely pricey ($40!) But I will wear the heck out of it I am sure. 

Basically, I am still a lover of Anthro just as much as ever. And i'd like to encourage others out there who may be afraid to go check it out because of their size. It may not be a great experience (I've got some rude looks at the Edmonton location when i've been there) but it may also be a good one. And you just might find something that fits that you love! 


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    Thank you,

    Lauren Richards
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  2. I love that floral dress! So sweet and cute :) Absolutely adore it
    And belts make so many things fifty times cuter!

  3. You have great legs! :)


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