How to look cute on crutches

{dress and belt are both thrifted}

10:15 AM.
I'm ready for school, and looking cute. I decide to take a photo, and be just a few minuets late for class, because my priorities are clearly in order. 

I decide to drive to school, since my foot is still a bit sore from hurting it at some point over the weekend. I don't know how I hurt it, just that it would start to hurt at random intervals. But I ignored it for a few days.
So today after my first class I headed to the library. While walking from my classroom building to the library my foot started to go through a lot of pain. I could still walk, but barely. Once in the library I sat for the next few hours for my break, and went on my way to my next class. After a few steps I could barely walk again. So I decided to check in with the campus doctor and see what was going on.

Then I came out like this.

{somehow my belt migrated upwards during the day...}

I still don't know what's wrong with my foot, because when I went to the x-ray clinic I realized my healthcare card wasn't in my wallet (cause i'm a genius like that) and so now I have to wait until tomorrow to learn of my fate. 
I don't even remember at what point over the weekend I hurt my foot. Just that it was sore all weekend. And yet I still walked around the sea wall, went swimming, and played soccer on it.
All I know is that it wasn't because I made bacon in bed.

Crutches are not fun. It took me about 10 minutes to get from my car to my first class, which normally just takes 3 or 4. As a super fast walker I am going insane already. 


Adventures of an Awkward Spinster

{dress: ASOS, belt: Target}

I didn't wear this today.
I wore this on Monday, to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Because I am such a hardcore geek I bought the "Harry Potter Passport" and have seen/will see each Harry Potter in the theatre one last time before the final one comes out. 
So I wore this dress, and felt all cute. Which is important for a Monday. 
Feeling cute might've been nice today though, too. 
Here's why.

Today was a weird day. I got to sleep around 2, woke up at 5, and could not get back to sleep. I have a lot of sleep problems. Usually it's not enough sleep, like last night. But lately it's been sleeping too much, so to all of a sudden go back to getting not enough kinda threw me today. So I wore shorts with leggings (since it was quite chilly today) and a shirt with some avocado on it that I didn't relize was there until I was in the bathroom at school. And I don't even have kids. (In my defense, it was only on the bottom of the shirt, and not really that noticable...) And my hair which I actually had time to curl all nice this morning got warped in the wind and I had to tie my bangs back because they got all gross.
Basically, Erin = a hot mess today.
"Whatever" I told myself, "I'm allowed a schlubby day every once in a while..."
But of course, today, the schlubby day, I had to take my phone in to my provider since it stopped working last night. And guess who is there to help me with such a task? A guy who, legit, was an exact copy of Ryan Gosling. SERIOUSLY?!?!!? THE ONE DAY I LET MYSELF LOOK LIKE CRAP?!?!

As if the day couldn't get any more embarassing, before looking at my phone he asked me a simple question...

No, Ryan Gosling, I did not think to try turning it off an on again. Even though I am freaking obsessed with The IT crowd and hear that little nugget of advice as I re-watch episodes and clips of that show  constantly. 
So he turned it off an on again and, behold! My phone was saved!  My dignity however, was not. 


{shirt: Zellers, tube dress worn as a skirt: Old Navy}

The cool kids call this "colour blocking" which is oh-so cool right now.
Which means I am cool.
But we all knew that already. ;)


the perks of being a spinster


Part of why I like going home to visit family (other than the visiting family part) is that my mom likes to go shopping. And so do I. My dad does not like it when we shop together, but I sure do.
That is how I got this beauty of a dress. I think what also helped was my little sister was in the process of getting engaged and my mom must've felt sorry for her spinster middle child daughter and took me shopping because of it. At least that's the angle I worked it when she was debating weather or not to buy it for me. "But mom, if Sarah gets married i'll need a dress to wear to her wedding..." Then out came the credit card!


Not only is it the perfect cut and colour, it's freaking comfortable!! I love when I look classy but feel like I am wearing pajamas.
Seriously, this dress is so amazing I really don't need to write anything, right?

But I guess I can mention it's fun to spin in, too.


Want the details? It's the Beverly dress by Heartbreaker Fashion.

Warning: do not click that site if you are like me and have an affinity for vintage dresses and a maxed out credit card. Unless you can use your hopelessly single spinster middle child status guilt to get your mom to buy it for you. Hey, it worked for me...
Now hopefully by the time my sister goes around to actually getting married (in a year, supposedly...) I can talk my mom in to buying me another Heartbreaker dress for the reception...


Swim Suit Up! Again...

Excuse the crappy mirror phone shot, I was just too excited about my new Modcloth suit to bother with a real photo. 

Can I just say...

I've been eyeing it for years (years!) but have always been hesitant to order it because buying suits online is scary. (even though it worked out okay before). But this year, when the yearning for a new suit came in, I gave in to the polka dots and finally ordered it. 
I am just thrilled with my purchase! 
One of my worries is that it would be too low in the back, something i've experience trying on similarly styled suits in store before. But i'm happy to say this one hits the perfect spot on my back! And i've got a long torso! 

I can't wait until the ocean gets just a little bit warmer (you hear that sun? SHOW YOURSELF!!) so I can break out this baby on the beach. I'll also try to accost someone to take proper photos of me as well. 

I got a size 18, which is roughly what I am. Modcloth recommends to size up but I ordered my true size after reading some of the reviews and doing some measuring. 

And if polka dots aren't your thing, the same style comes in lots of other colours and patterns!


{shirt: The Bay, belt & skirt (was a dress): H&M)

Sorry for such shotty photo quality. My camera was not being kind to me today.
Until I decided to try siting down, which resluted in a much better lit photo that kind of just looks like an awkward school picture. 
When taking outfit photos, I basically just play around with settings, pointing the camera at my patio furniture, until I get something decent. Then I set the self timer, snap a few shots, and hope it looks okay. Then when I upload them sometimes I wonder how I ever approved them on my camera. 
I need a photog. 

Anythings better than having this in the background though, right?

That's the smoke emitting from downtown thanks to the burned cars. this is from my balcony. Last night after my bad afternoon, I went to laugh away my troubles by seeing Bridesmaids. (Which might've been for the third time...) I got home, looked out my window, and saw this. Discusting.
However, incase the news hasn't pointed it out, Vancouver is mostly home to some pretty amazing people. (We're not all rioters and assholes on the train!) By the time I got down there around 12:30, it looked spotless. Which I hope redeems the city I love so much and am fortunate enough to call home just a bit. 

...and in other good news, the lovely City Chic is having a crazy good sale right now. So crazy you'd be crazy to not take advantage. 


I really liked my outfit today. Normally i'd photograph it, and ramble on about whatever.
But I don't feel like doing that today.
And this is why. (That link is to my Tumblr, FYI)

So why do I mention this on a style blog?
Because I am a woman.
Most (if not all) of you reading this are women.
And this kind of behavior is unacceptable.


{shirt: Joe. skirt: Addition Elle}

Oh, my! Not an outfit posted in a week! My bad. Don't worry, I have been wearing clothes, I just haven't been very good at taking pictures of me in them. 
I really liked todays outfit because it illustrates two of my favorite things, two rock star wardrobe staples that pack a punch on their own, and only get better when together. 

1) A black pencil skirt. Classic. Never fails. I'm in love with this one I got at addition elle recently, because it's stretches. Stretchy waistbands are a girls best friend!

2) Striped shirts. Patterns = interest = good. Bonus points if there is an embellishment. With an embellishment,  it doesn't look like you just put on a t-shirt, (which you totally did! You sneaky devil!) so you can get away with being lazy and stylish! Also an embellished striped tee totally justifies your purcahse of yet another striped t-shirt because it's stlightly different then the hundreds you already have.

And it is in my experience that when you have two wonder pieces, it's best to combine them on a morning when you didn't go to bed until 4:30 last night and have no time whatsoever to think in the morning and still want to look and feel cute. 
Although my staying up until 4:30 was totally justified. I went to a double feature drive in! It was so much fun. I definitely need to frequent my local drive in more this summer. I had never been to one before. I'm converted now. I love it. It's such a good value too! You pay the price of one movie, and then you can either stay for the the first one or watch the three they show each night. We saw X-Men (loved it) and Bridesmaids (my second time, which caused me to love it even more than the first, which I didn't think was possible), but didn't stay for Scream 4 because I am terrified of everything and cannot watch scary movies.  The only downside is the movie theatre is waaay out in the boonies so even when you only watch two movies you don't get home until 3:30. And if you are me and can't get to sleep ever, then you are up even later. 
But it's totally worth it.


{"dress":thrifted, borello: Torrid}

Today was a frightening day. I woke up and my internet didn't work. I figured it was just down and I maybe shouldn't go online anyways. So I left it and went to church. Then when I got home, terror struck. The internet was still down. I had no idea why. It's not like I typed google into google or anything. So I called my provider and tried for 40 minutes to get it working again. No dice. So they scheduled the earliest appointment they had to get it fixed. The earliest appointment was June 16!! I then proceeded to die inside. Then I cheered up my spirits with watching Harry Potter. Once I had finished Harry Potter, I found my internet was working again! Hurrah! Now my life is no longer over.
Moral of the story: I am far too reliant on the internet. 

So, onto the outfit. I found this skirt at value village a while back and fell in love with it, of course. Anything with polka-dots immediately owns my heart. So when I was playing around with how to wear it I discovered it could easily be fashioned into a dress by just wearing it up a bit! I love when I get two pieces out of one. 


I (heart) ASOS!

{dress: ASOS, shoes: Zellers, bag: Old Navy, belt: Thrifted}
(click the photo for a better pic of the dress!) 

When I saw this dress on ASOS a while back I could not get it off my mind grapes. It haunted me for days and I knew I had to have it. So I may've gone and maxed out my credit card for it...I should feel bad about it. But my love for this dress kind of overwhelms my feelings of guilt....I just had to avoid this from happening all over again. I have a problem....but yes, I am kicking myself because now I see it's on sale!! And my size is still in stock! Ugh. That always happens to me! But I am still super happy I made this purchase. 
 Although I will say this dress is shorter than anticipated....I really don't get how it can be so short on me. The website says the model is 5"10, and the dress goes down to her knees. I'm only 5"9!! I guess my legs are just that long? I kind of don't mind the shortness though, because I really really love my legs. Haha! I'll get away with it while I can.

I'm so so so in love with this dress. From the photos on ASOS I thought it would be more casual, but the look of the fabric lends it to be a bit fancy as well. I can see wearing it with leggings/tights and flats for a more casual look.

It was my first time ordering from ASOS and I couldn't be happier with my purchases. The quality is good, the fit is perfect, (I'm a US 16 so I went with a UK 20 as the size chart recommends.) and the prices aren't even that terribly expensive. I had always been afraid of shipping, and customs, and exchange rates (oh my!), but it was only $100 for two dresses. Not too shabby, indeed. I'll show off the other dress soon! 


{skirt & belt: thrifted, shirt: urban outfitters} 

I bought this skirt a year ago.
I finally wore it today. I have no idea why it took me so long. I just never got around to it. Then I found it again last week, so I plan on making up for lost time by wearing it constantly all summer.

I just got back from a little vacay that was going to be a few days in Seattle, which ended up being a few days in Portland as well. I may've skipped school and mazed out my credit card. But it was so much fun!! I had the best time and will be posting a few outfit photos soon!
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